Japan Next Prime Minister Betting Prediction – Will the Country Finally Witness Its First Female PM?

  • Shinzo Abe steps down after struggles with health issues
  • Taro Kono enjoying significant support as polls suggest
  • Will Fumio Kishida succeed this time around?
  • Will Japan finally has its first female Prime Minister?
Japan Next Prime Minister Betting Prediction

Japan’s next Prime Minister betting predictions and odds are now available. After the sudden resignation of Shinzo Abe due to health issues, several candidates have now emerged to “inherit” the position. Recent polls revealed that Taro Kono is currently leading the race as he also enjoys the support of Shigeru Ishiba. However, the race will be a close one as Fumio Kishida Sanae Takaichi’s are not far behind. Therefore, anything could happen until the due date of the elections. The country is also preparing for the 2021 General Election as Liberal Democrats hope to retain their power. Therefore, do not miss chances and place your betting predictions on both events!

Unexpected Prime Minister Elections in Japan

The latest news out of Japan reveals that Shinzo Abe has decided to step down from his position as the Prime Minister. After struggles with health issues, the 67-year-old believes that it is in the country’s best interest to elect a new leader in the government. Shinzo believes that his recent misfortunes will certainly hamper his output and decision-making. In a recent statement, the former Prime Minister expressed “I apologize from the bottom of my heart that despite all of the support from the Japanese people, I am leaving the post with one full year left in my term”. As a result, several candidates are currently in the discussion of Japan’s next Prime Minister predictions. So, let us take a look at those potential candidates along with bookies’ verdict on the favorite to win the race.

Taro Kono Leading the Polls

As Japan prepares for the elections of its new Prime Minister, it seems like Taro Kono will be the winner of the race. Coming from a background and a family of politicians, Mr. Kono has taken charge of several positions within the government. For instance, he worked as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2017 to 2019. It was before transferring to the Ministery of defense for a year. After that, Mr. Kono became the Minister for Administrative Reform and Regulatory Reform and is in charge of the roll-out of the vaccine. In addition to being a successful politician, Kono actively connects with the general public by being active on social media.

Japan Next Prime Minister Betting Prediction
Taro Kono: Japanese politician serving as the Minister for Administrative Reform and Regulatory Reform since 2020 Picture Source: Flickr

As a result, recent polls show that he is leading the election race and will likely become the next prime minister. With that in mind, bookies and online sportsbook sites in Japan have him open as the favorite in their next Prime Minister betting predictions. For instance, at 1xBET Sportsbook, the betting odds for Mr. Taro Kono to win the next elections and become Japan’s next Prime Minister are 2.20. If current projections and trends remain where they are, then such an event is the most likely to happen.

Fumio Kishida is Trying His Luck Again

After finishing in 2nd place the last time around, Fumio Kishida is planning to try his luck again to become the next Prime minister. The 64-year-old is a vastly experienced politician who took charge of many ministries within the government. For instance, Kishida was the minister of State for Science, Technology, and Quality of Life in 2008 before moving to the Regulatory Reform. After that, he took on a few more positions including the Minister of State for Okinawa and the Northern Territories, Minister of State for Space, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and a few more. Therefore, he will have significant support in his goal to becoming the next Prime minister. As a result, 1xBET Sportsbook has him open as the 2nd favorite in Japan’s next Prime Minister betting predictions with betting odds at 3.50. Will the veteran politician avoid a second shorting coming in the next elections?

Sanae Takaichi’s Odds in Japan’ Next Prime Minister Betting Prediction

In the past decades, the political scene started featuring a growing number of successful empowering women. The same trend can be observed in Japan as Sanae Takaichi’s plans to be the first woman Prime Minister in Japan. The 60-year-old is an advocate to ending Japan’s apologetical attitude for past wars, and always strives for a better future. As a result, Sanae has gained many followers and supporters over the years. After announcing her intentions to run for the Prime Minister position, Takaichi promised to boost the country’s medical system. Additionally, she plans to tighten Japan’s security system to prevent the leakage of any sensitive information.

Japan Next Prime Minister Betting Prediction
Sanae Takaichi: Japanese politician and a member of the Liberal Democratic Party Picture Source: Flickr

With such plans, recent polls show a growth in the number of supporters for the Japanese politician. As a result, Takaichi opens as the 3rd favorite in Japan next Prime Minister betting predictions at 1xBET Sportsbook with odds equal to 4.50.

Other Candidates in Japan Next Prime Minister Betting Prediction

Another inspiring woman that could become Japan’s first female Prime Minister is Seiko Noda. The former internal affairs minister is a strong feminist that advocates for women’s rights and empowerment. Seiko has previously run for the elections in 2015 but unfortunately was unsuccessful in her attempt. However, it seems that she is determined in achieving such a goal after recently announcing her plans to run again. Bookies and online sportsbook sites in Japan have her open as one of the least favorites with betting odds equal to 8.00.

The last and final candidate bookies offer you to place your bets on is Shigeru Ishiba. The 64-year-old is also an esteemed politician with significant experience. He enjoys massive support due to his transparent and easy-going character. Although bookies decided to include him in Japan’s next Prime Minister betting prediction, Ishiba has recently announced he no longer plans to run for the elections. Instead, he expressed his full support towards the camp of Taro Kono. Therefore, we would recommend you to not pick this choice when placing your betting prediction. With that in mind, who are you going to choose from the previous options?

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