Australian Liberal Party Leader Predictions – This Is A Close Race!

  • The Liberal Party leadership elections
  • Josh Frydenberg is leading the polls
  • Peter Dutton Greg Hunt have the sufficient support and experience to lead the party
  • Michaelia Cash plans to become the first female leader
  • Other potential candidates have minimal winning chances
Australian Liberal Party Leader Predictions

The Australian Liberal Party leader predictions are now available for the candidate to replace Scott Morrison. The Party has taken a big hit after recent rape allegations for Christian Porter. As a result, some believe that Josh Frydenberg will most likely be taking the position of leadership in the next election. However, this will not be a one-horse race as several other worthy candidates will take part in the elections as well. For instance, Peter Dutton and Greg Hunt are well-esteemed politicians with significant support. Additionally, Michaelia Cash plans to become the first-ever female leader in the history of the Liberal Party. All in all, this will be a tight race, so who will you place your betting predictions on?

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How Do Liberals Choose their Leader?

Since its foundation, the Liberal party has never changed its rules regarding how to elect its leader. The voting system is a continuous process of elimination until a winner wins by the majority. For instance, if three or more candidates decide to run for the leadership position, a run-off system takes place. This means that the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated until there is one winner. After the elections in August of 2018, Scott Morrison has taken on the role of the Australian Liberal Party leader. However, with the unexpect4de replacement of the National Party leader, speculation around the next Liberal leader grew. So, who do you predict will win the elections next time around?

Is Josh Frydenberg the Undisputed Heir?

After recent rape allegations against Attorney-General Christian Porter, he no longer enjoys the same support he is used to. As a result, this puts Josh Frydenberg in the driving seat to become the next Liberal Party leader. Even the prestigious network “The Sunday Morning” expressed that the Australian politician is now the undisputed heir to become the Australian Liberal Party leader. The 50-year-old is an esteemed figure and is currently the deputy leader of the liberal party. Frydenberg was in charge of several political positions throughout his career including the Minister for Resources and Energy, the Minister for the Environment and Energy, and many more.

Australian Liberal Party Leader Predictions
Joshua Anthony Frydenberg: Australian politician and federal treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party since August 2018. Picture Source: Wikimedia

Therefore, he is now in the perfect position with sufficient experience to take on the leadership role preceding Scott Morrison. As a result, bookies and online sportsbook sites in Australia have him open as the favorite in their Australian Liberal Party leader predictions. For instance, at 22BET Sportsbook, the betting odds for Josh Frydenberg to win the next leadership elections are 1.75. Although the deputy leader tops the current polls, a few other candidates have a good chance of winning the elections.

Australian Liberal Party Leader Predictions for Peter Dutton

Another candidate for the leadership position is Peter Dutton. In addition to being the Minister of Defense, Dutton is currently the leader of the house. This means he is responsible for managing the businesses of the government in the house of representatives. The 50-year-old has a long history in Australian politics. His career started after becoming a member of Parliament in 2001 at the age of 30. At that time, Dutton became one of the youngest members to be elected in the parliament. Throughout his career, the Australian politician took charge of several positions including the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for Health, and many more. Therefore, he will certainly enjoy significant support in the upcoming leadership elections. As a result, 22BET Sportsbook places him as the 2nd favorite in its Australian Liberal Party leader predictions with odds equal to 2.625.

Greg Hunt’s Journey Prepared Him for Such Responsibility

Born in 1965 and coming from a family with a political background, Greg Hunt started his political career in 1994 after becoming a member of the Liberal Party. He was then elected as a member of parliament in 2001 for Flinders, Victoria. Since then, Mr. Hunt took on several ministerial appointments, the latest of which the Ministry for Health and Aged Care since December of 2020. Similar to his colleagues, the 56-year-old was in rotation over other Departments including the Ministry of Industry, Innovation, and Science, Ministry for Sport, and a few more.

Australian Liberal Party Leader Predictions
Gregory Andrew Hunt: Australian politician who has been Minister for Health since January 2017 Picture Source: Flickr

Coming from a background with such vast experience, Greg Hunt certainly qualifies as one of the top candidates for the party leadership position. 22BET Sportsbook has him open as the third favorite with betting odds at 5.50. Do you believe Hunt has the support to become the next Liberal Party Leader?

Will Michaelia Cash Become the First Female Leader?

Michaelia Cash started her career after getting elected to the senate in 2007. She was also reelected later on as the senator for Western Australia in 2016 and 2013. In addition to that, Michaelia took on several positions including the Ministry for Jobs and Innovation before later becoming the Attorney-General as well as the Minister for Industrial Relations since March of 2021. After a long career in politics, Michaelia believes that there is an opportunity at hand to become the next Liberal Party leader. If her plans are a success, she will be the first-ever female Liberal Party leader since its establishment in 1944. Several other politicians are back her up to making such a breakthrough in Australian politics. As a result, 22BET Sportsbook places her in 4th place in its Australian Liberal Party leader predictions at odds equal to 11.00.

Other Candidates Included in the Australian Liberal Party Leader Predictions

With more than fifty thousand members, the Australian Liberal Party leader predictions feature a few other worthy candidates. The list includes highly qualified politicians such as Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke. As a result, bookies and online sportsbook sites in Australia offer you a few other options to choose from. If you believe that none of the previous names will become the next leader, 22BET Sportsbook has got you covered. The table below shows a summary of the available options along with their betting odds. However, make sure to choose wisely as the likelihood for any of the following names to win are minimal.

David Littleproud 26.00
Alex Hawke 51.00
Andrew Hastie 101.00
Paul Fletcher 101.00
Angus Taylor 101.00
Dan Tehan 101.00

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