Josep Pep Guardiola: Looking for Glory

Without a doubt, Josep Pep Guardiola is recognized as one of the greatest and most proficient managers to even graced a football pitch. His many trophies and awards speak for themselves. Now in his 13th year as a football manager, many are asking what could come next for him? Looking through all the available options, there are three with real possibility. Let's have a look...

Josep Pep Guardiola
Image source: Thomas Rodenbücher / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Introduction: Josep Pep Guardiola

First some amazing numbers: in 13 years, for 3 countries, with 669 games and 30 bits of silverware won, Josep Pep Guardiola has already built his golden statue in the hall of the greatest managers of all time. This private Spanish man has won titles for Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and, of course, his present club of Manchester United. But in 2021, we will see the running down of his contract in the North Of England, leading many to speculate on his next move. There as always been a semi-silent criticism of his safe and secure moves to clubs already almost at or at the cusp of glory. He has merely moved for financial reward or settling for easier challenges. Many want to see him use his skills and turn around a team that really needs a man with his coaching abilities. Not just, once again, take the easy option. Remember that he bought Tiki-Taki into the game, which forever changed the way the game is played at a professional level. The workers of online sportsbooks in the US still remember how he twisted the outcome of countless games.


These are the giants of Series A in Italy. A move to them would signify the very apex of an illustrious career. Josep Pep Guardiola has a certain DNA when approaching football.  To see him put that into practice with this team would be amazing. And it’s not like Juventus don’t have the funds to pay for him. The club is doing very well financially and they have been the title favorites for the past 7 years. They certainly have a rich history and have been pretty consistent. One thing we know about Pep is that the stability of the club is of utmost importance to him. He wants to be able to get on with the football, not the other stuff, like board or transfer pressures. Juventus will give him a free hand, that’s for certain. Of course, the club has some big names that he has worked with before. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo spring to mind. Even though the club’s present manager is going a great job, come 2021, there might be a feeling that the newly released manager should be picked up by the Italian team.

Josep Pep Guardiola: Paris Saint-Germain

And here we have one of the world’s richest clubs. A club hungry to be the best of the best. It’s felt that the French board would be willing to pay a King’s ransom for the Spanish manager to decamp there. The club boasts a number of exceedingly good players and stars, along with new young talent coming up through the ranks. But the Parc de Princes team has had problems finishing well in any of their European competitions. To that end, you can’t help but feel their need for a coach of Josep Pep Guardiola’s caliber would really help them towards the Championship titles that await them. The Parisian team have quality players like Neymar, Mbappe, Veratti, Kylian, and Silva who would all benefit from a tactician like Pep. Surely, the thinking goes, that under his guidance, the team could really flourish. It would make for some explosive football that’s for sure.

FC Barcelona

Josep Pep Guardiola
Guardiola in ’13 – Image source: Niklas B. / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Back to Camp Nou. The prodigal son returns home. This is where the dream began, all those years ago in 2008. This was Josep Pep Guardiola’s club, the team where he made his name. Where fame and fortune first came knocking. He took on a side featuring players like Messi, Xavi, Ronaldinho, and Iniesta and then transformed it into a veritable winning machine. Many people look back on those golden years of the Catalan clubs history. They see them as the greatest years for the best club in the whole world. Remember that in his four years at Camp Nou, he bought home 3 La Liga titles, 2 Championship Leagues, 3 Copa del rays, ” UEFA Super Cups, and 2 Fifa Club World Cups. Who else can lay claim to that number of trophies? No one. Just Pep. You can’t help but feel some of those older players who still remember those glory days under his guidance, would love his return. The likes of Messi, Pique, and Busquets must surely miss his absence. Though Pep has previously stated that he would be happy to return one day, you feel that there are other more challenging options he wants to explore before coming home.

Conclusion: Josep Pep Guardiola

Are there any more trophies left for this man to win? Hasn’t he already proved himself over and over? Well, he certainly doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Probably the greatest manager of all time, Josep Pep Guardiola needs to do nothing more, and still, his career would end at the top. But the decision about what comes next will be his and his alone. He’s not the type of guy who easily bows to either pressure or speculation. Of course, there is a fourth option: that he takes a well earned sabbatical. But the problem with this is that it’s not in Pep’s DNA to relax like that. He is a man seeking greater heights and it’ll be interesting to watch his next career move. We wish him well. You can learn more about him from the online sportsbooks news in the US.

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