Play Two Handed Spades

The game of Spades is an old classic card game. Now the most popular version of the game is four handed, and played by two sets of players sitting opposite each other. Then several years ago, a two handed version was made. Let's see how we play two handed spades...

Two Handed Spades

Introduction: Play Two Handed Spades

The idea behind this was to make it possible for a couple to enjoy the game even when there were not enough players. This was often referred to as “Honeymoon” spades. This newer two handed version, allowed an opportunity to practice card counting and all round playing strategy. If you have a look at the internet, you’ll be able to find a number of online gambling sites in the US offering Honeymoon Spades and two handed spades as the opportunity to play one on one against the computer.

The Goal

A normal game of two handed spades consists of the est of three hands. Of course, you can play a longer game, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick with three rounds. each hand takes around 15 minutes to play. In the beginning of the game, no one has any cards. The purpose of the game is to build up a hand of 13 cards by drawing, selecting, and discarding cards alternately. The idea of the game is that to win, you’ll need at least 7 of the 13 tricks available.

Play Two handed Spades: The Deal

First things first, the cards are cut. The winner of the cut draws the first cards from the deck (or “stock”). If they like the card, then they may keep it. But they must then discard the next card from the stock after looking at it. If for whatever reason they don’t like the first card they drew, they may opt to discard it. But then they must keep the next card from the stock. So, to be straight, there’s no option in two handed spades to look at both cards at the same time and then select the better one.

After the first player has completed their turn and selected the top card, then it’s their opponent’s turn. They will have exactly the same choices, that is to take the first card or discard it and then accept the second card that is drawn. So, at the end of this, each player now has one card.

What to Choose

In the same manner, the first player now selects the second card. And now all the players follow in the order of their turn until all players have a total of 13 cards in the hand. Remember that Trumps (Spades) is the boss cards….so never turn one of those down. The low deuce of Spades is also a valuable card in its own right. Aces and Kings from other suits are also important. As for the Queens, well, it starts to get kinda “iffy”. Maybe it’s a good idea to hang on to a Queen if you already have it in the hand. But all suits lower than the Queen, you want to get rid of them all, especially if

this is part of the first draw.

Two Handed Spades
Two Handed Spades is an amazing card game

The Game Play

After the initial draw is complete, then the game of two handed spades begins. So the person who drew first has the opening play. You can play any card. All suits must be followed. If that’s not possible, then a Trump may be played…but only if you’re void of the lead suit. The object of the game is to win a least 7 tricks. To that end, the hand is over when one player has achieved the 7 tricks. No points are used, only a win counts. Once a hand is over, then the deal passes to another player.

Play Two Handed Spades: How To Play

Now, if you happen to have a strong hand with connected suits (for example A-K-Q or K-Q-J-10) then play it as you’re not discarding any tricks there. You must try not to create any voids in your hand, as you may well be able to win some smaller spades. If you can help it, then do not lead from a “broken” hand of “broken suits” like A-Q or K-J. You have to try and make your opponent lead with these. Oh…and keep track in your mind which high cards have already been played. You can find a few online casino sites in the US which offer this game if you would like to practice from home.

More Playing Advice

If you happen to have a strong Trump suit, then play it so that you’re stripping the Spades from your opponent’s hand. Then you can use your side suits to go for the kill. During the two handed spades draw, always try and remember the high cards or Trumps that you were forced to discard because you choose to accept the first card. Also, keep an eye on the number of tricks your opponent has made. If you are able to force them to lead at some point in the game, it may be to your advantage. One other thing; keep your eyes peeled for “revokes”. Do not try and play two handed spades out of a hand which is lost. This is bad sportsmanship. Just man up and concede. The next deal is coming, so just be chill till then.

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