How To Kayak To Olympic Standards Before The 2020 Games

With preparations for next summer’s games in full swing those not content to have a little flutter on the myriad of events at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in Japan these days, have begun to have aspirations of competing in Tokyo 2020. Among the more popular sports the canoeing events are attracting more and more adherents and if you want to know how to Kayak to Olympic standards by next year we’ve got some important and pertinent advice for you.

How to Kayak to Olympic Standards
We've got a few tips for you

We take a look at how to Kayak to an Olympic standard ahead of next summer’s Tokyo games.

1.Don’t Call It A Canoe

One should always endeavor to remember that whilst in a Canoe one kneels up and the paddle is single bladed, in a kayak one is seated with legs ahead of you and the paddle is noted for it’s duel blades, one at either end. Learning which is which will form the very basis of your pursuit of the knowledge of how to Kayak to any standard at all. It will, for instance, be vital that you don’t make this rather gauche faux pas, lest you find yourself kayaking all by yourself very quickly.

2.Climb Inside

There are two varieties of Kayak commonly in use. One perches you on the outside whilst the other, the one used competitively, has your legs within the kayak itself. If you wish to learn how to Kayak to an Olympic standard it’ll obviously be the latter you’ll have to go for, this is especially true if you wish to compete in the slalom and not just safely wager on other crazy people doing it at Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Japan at the present time.

3. Proper Posture

This cannot be over-stated. Without a correct posture whilst paddling for any length of time you stand a good chance of doing yourself an injury and failing to gain the performance you’ll need if you want to know how to Kayak to Olympic standards. It’ll be important from your very first training session all the way up to the finals on the Sea Forest Waterway to keep a straight back, your elbows high, and hands on the paddle slightly further apart than the width of your shoulders.

4.Dress For Success

As you learn how to Kayak to an Olympic standard you’ll find yourself training in all sorts of conditions, both in terms of surface chop and over-tide weather. The changeability of conditions means that regardless of how it appears when you set off be sure and wear the right gear for any weather scenario, for instance no Japanese gambling laws of global warming will keep them from getting drenched and chilly during early spring training next year is being entirely sensible.

5. Grasping The Paddle

Used for stability and navigation the paddle is all important. During the course of learning how to Kayak you will, inevitably, at some point forget this vital piece of equipment as you leap aboard your craft, however you will tend to only do that once. Keeping a firm even grip with both hands is important to retain this essential tool and also provide a useful limit to any stretch you might believe you should be making. If you can’t reach it to make it, you probably shouldn’t try it at all.

How to Kayak to Olympics Standards
Stability and balance are key (Thruxton [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

6. Rapid Slalom

The 200m course in Edogawa, Tokyo, is still under construction but typically when you think of putting a bet on canoeing this is what you picture. The white water, the hanging gates, the struggling competitors fighting with the rush of the current. It’s the more tricky of the two disciplines, requiring far more lateral control than in its sister sprint event, but if you’ve been learning how to Kayak to Olympic standards this could be the dream that you’ve been chasing.

7.Sprint For The Line

Whilst those who wish to bet on sports in Japan will find canoeing betting odds at Unibet on the slalom somewhat close, the sprint events are a different kettle of fish with a straight blast for the line in both K1 and K2 classes. Regardless of distance this is hardcore muscle burn and if you want know how to Kayak to Olympic standards just be sure to be aware that your hopes will live and die by the constitution of your muscle groups and their ability to power up on cue every time.

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