Kentucky Discusses New Gambling Laws to Legalize Casinos

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Politicians believe casinos could be the solution to Kentucky’s financial problems.

Gamblers may soon have access to table games and poker rooms in the US state of Kentucky, as local politicians are considering legalizing casinos. The House committee has already received a few proposals.

Supporters of the idea have started to make their voices heard and lawmakers are now preparing to introduce new American gambling laws, in hopes that taxing local gambling venues will bring in some extra income for the state’s budget.

Lately, Kentucky has been struggling to generate more income and casinos could be a solution for the state’s financial difficulties. Democratic representative Larry Clark pointed out: “We have to have a revenue source, and this is the best and easiest way to do it.”

Voters have the final word

The new bill won’t pass without the voters’ approval though, as politicians have promised to give them a chance to decide whether they want casinos or not. Afterwards, it will be up to state lawmakers to set taxes, regulate the market and establish a framework to allow up to eight casinos in the state.

According to Clark, gambling venues could increase the local budget by up to $286 million and the money could be used in a number of ongoing or future projects, including educational programs.

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