KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch Betting Tips

The amateur boxing match of two of the most popular vloggers has been described as the “largest event in YouTube history.” The six-round fight made £37.5 million revenues from pay-per-view purchases only. If you would also like to make a few pounds on the vloggers’ rivalry, here’s how to bet on the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch.

KSI vs Logan Paul Rematch Betting Odds
What did we learn from the first fight?

The vloggers’ first dust-up ended in a controversial draw that only intensified the sense of anticipation for their second fight. Hopefully, the rematch will not end with the same result. Although online betting sites in the UK suggest that a draw is not at all unimaginable — the official odds for that scenario are 10/1, a number not often seen at boxing matches —, that outcome would be a letdown and would further upset the YouTubers’ followers.

KSI vs Logan Paul (Unconfirmed) Rematch

# Win Odds
1. KSI 4/5
2. Logan Paul 6/5
3. Draw 10/1
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Should the next bout go the distance, the judges will be reluctant to invoke the fans’ anger by giving the contestants an even score. So what will decide the fight? Let us see what KSI and Logan Paul’s first encounter foretells about the rematch.

What did we learn from the first fight?

KSIBefore the match, the biggest question was whether KSI would be able to negate Paul’s size and reach advantage with his technique: unlike Paul, KSI had had some experience in boxing and had even won a fight.

In the first two rounds, his relative familiarity did not help KSI out. Later, however, Paul showed signs of fatigue. He tried to put his wrestling experience to use, resorting to clinching to get out of dangerous situations, but KSI still managed to steal rounds.

Eventually, two of the judges saw the fight as a draw, with the third scoring a narrow win for KSI. It was indeed hard to tell who was better: the Briton landed less punches than his American rival (46 punches to Paul’s 64) but Paul tired out by the second part of the night. KSI was probably right when he tweeted:

If it was 12 rounds he [Logan Paul] would have lost.”

What’s the best bet on the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch?

Logan PaulAccording to Unibet Sportsbook, one of the best online betting sites in the United Kingdom, the rematch will be about as close as the original fight. KSI is slightly favored at 4/5 but Logan Paul’s odds to beat KSI are almost as good at 6/5.

Some internet sites feel Logan Paul has exceeded expectations and will pose even bigger problems for KSI in their next encounter, since he will have had more time to adjust to boxing. However, it makes more sense to bet on KSI to beat Logan Paul. After all, the Briton was slightly more convincing in their original fight: the scorecard indicated that the judges were hesitating between a draw and giving KSI the win.

KSI is doing everything in his power to capitalize on his boxing experience. He is gaining time to analyse the fight and prepare accordingly: he has stated that he would postpone the date of the rematch. His official explanation for the delay is that he wants to rest a bit and have more time to get in shape as he

had only been able to enjoy food like McDonald’s and pizzas.”

Should we take his claim about the junk food diet seriously, though? It is entirely possible that he just wants to buy time to better prepare for the fight, as he had somewhat underestimated his opponent on the first time around. KSI does not want to repeat that mistake.

Nobody really knew what to expect of Logan Paul as a boxer before the first fight; now that KSI has seen his flaws, he will know how to tire him out and get the victory. Knowing this, it is fairly safe to bet on the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch.

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