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Posted: December 8, 2022

Updated: December 8, 2022

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In this article, we are going to focus on the least popular sports to bet on. Keep in mind that these sports are not terrible. Therefore, you can find them at online gambling sites in the UK. However, some alternatives are similar but much more consumable. However, loving and betting on these sports is completely normal. This is why you shouldn’t worry about its popularity of it. In conclusion, we have created this article as a collection of fun facts. 

Because betting on these sports will open the gates to a small community. However, we’d like to highlight that these sports are not uncool. Simply, they are just not that entertaining to watch compared to the NBA. However, you might be one of the rare people who have a passion for these. And if you do, we love that for you.

7. Darts – Least Popular Sports To Bet On

Let’s start the list with one of the unexpected elements here. It turns out that betting on darts is not as popular as one might expect. However, we understand why it belongs to the least popular sports to bet on. Because the winners are usually consistent enough to get low odds. However, the rest of the competition is inconsistent enough to be a mess to figure out. This is why darts have a low amount of bettors.

When it comes to viewers, however, darts is the best community. Because the community is small enough to welcome and remember you. Therefore, those who become enthusiasts of competitive darts will find a new home. This can be seen in many alternative sports. This is why we recommend you open your mind and check out the most popular sports in Japan.

6. Archery

If you are Hungarian, this one is going to offend you. Because archery is on the list of least popular sports to bet on too. However, this is pretty interesting. Because we assumed that the Hunger games and Assassin’s Creed have returned archery to popularity. Nope. But why don’t people enjoy archery? Well, it’s just probably the lack of action. Same as darts. There might be people who love this sport. However, it requires a certain personality trait to like it.

While other sports have so much action, everyone enjoys them in general. Furthermore, you have the best eSports to bet on. Because these games feature archery, darts, and knife throwing. Except, there are millions of competitive mechanics, flashing lights, moves, jumps, tricks, and more. This is why these sports will become less popular in the real world. However, they are the pillars of the most popular digital sports.

5. Fencing – Least Popular Sports To Bet On

If this list did not piss off enough people already, then let’s dive deep. This item on the list feels a little personal to me. As a person who loves fencing, I can see why it isn’t the most famous sport ever. It is rather inconsistent, and even if there is a good strike, it is easy to miss.

Therefore, for someone to enjoy fencing in the long term, they need to learn it. Furthermore, fencing is rightfully one of the least popular sports to bet on. Because the blows and the point gathering are a little inconsistent.

When we watch boxing, we know that someone won, when the opponent is knocked unconscious on the ground. Well, fencing is done with practice swords. Therefore, there is way too much safety for us to see the clear winner.

4. Canadian Football

We have reached the part of the list where the least popular sports to bet on might not be recognized. Because these are extremely alternative sports. Therefore, you might didn’t know people even betting on these. Or that they existed at all. Well, let us introduce you to Canadian Football. Probably the reason why this sport is not as popular as it should be is the alternatives. You have Aussie Rules, American Football, Soccer, and much more. Canada has already taken Ice Hockey as their national sport.

Therefore, Canadian Football is just not as sought after as it should be. Furthermore, this is just a change in field size. So it only matters for those who love football with a passion. And if you do? Then register at Casumo Sportsbook. Because they have betting markets for literally all existing formats of football and soccer.

3. Polo

This is the joker of the deck of least popular sports to bet on. Because everyone thinks of something else when we say polo. For those unfamiliar, we have to clarify. When Googling “polo”, you will find the following results:

  • Polo Ralph Lauren (This one is meta)
  • Water Polo
  • Marko Polo
  • Polo Volkswagen

None of these are the Polo we are talking about. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry. One of the best underwater sports to bet on is not on this list. According to the Tehran Times, Polo is an ancient Iranian sport. Therefore, this is a sport where people ride horses, using a bat to try to score points. This is horseback golfing. Very entertaining and interesting. However, the random factor is just too much for punters.

2. Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is a normal practice for everyone who visits the gym occasionally. No wonder why people wouldn’t like to watch more weightlifting in their free time. For many people, this feels like watching competitive dishwashing. It is a chore, that many people prefer to do to stay fit. However, those who love bodybuilding, adore this sport. Rightfully so. However, we can not deny that its downsides are obvious.

Because it is rightfully one of the least popular sports to bet on. It’s not too hard to figure out, so the odds are usually bad. And in reality, these people just lift a heavy rod. Admirable and extremely hard. However, not too entertaining to look at in the long term. No teams to cheer for, and no strategic values to argue about with your friends. According to Barbend, you can follow the IWF from Dec 5.

1. Kabaddi – Least Popular Sports To Bet On

Kabaddi wears the crown of the least popular sport to bet on. However, it doesn’t mean it’s hated. It is pretty popular in the eastern parts of the world. However, the rest of the world just simply doesn’t seem to vibe with it. Probably the reason for that is just that we have so many alternatives already. According to 11 Points, this is one of the most unpopular sports ever. However, it is always available at Casumo Sportsbook.

This is why we recommend you increase your popularity this year. Try to see if you like the sport. And who knows? We might lift it from the bottom of the list. The reason why it isn’t popular everywhere is probably due to the mental discipline it requires.

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