Ligue 1 Betting Preview – Matchday 24

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Make sure to tune in to round 24 of the French top flight which will feature a number of superb encounters between top sides.

This weekend in Ligue 1 will be full of excitement as many great teams will go head to head in order to make advancement up the table. French gambling news reports that Rennes will play against second-placed side Marseilles, however looking at their recent performances they are set to endure a rather difficult game against the team that is fighting hard to win the league.

Toulouse will travel to Caen where they will be looking to grab the essential 3 points, or at least seal a draw which would grant them 1 point. Montpellier will go up against Lille and finally the biggest event of the weekend will take place on Sunday evening which will see current leaders Lyon battle against the defending champions PSG.

Rennes vs Marseille and Caen vs Toulouse

Rennes are currently in 10th place with 30 points. They seemed to have potential at times however they never managed to propel themselves to the top positions in the league. At home they have blundered on several occasions as they results show (5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses). They are set to play against Marseilles, who have now exchanged places with Lyon for the first position on the table.

Rennes vs Marseille

Bet365 does not believe that they have strong chances against a team that is second and boasts an incredible 47 points from 23 games. Marseille have also managed to record 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses while playing on the road and for this reason Bet365 has identified them as the stronger side 2.30 (). A draw between them has been set at 3.20 (11/5) an event that doesn’t look too likely and win for Rennes stands at 3.30 (23/10).

Lyon and PSG are set to go head to head
Montpellier looking to beat Lille at home
Marseille will play against Rennes away

Caen and Toulouse will test each other on Saturday night in what is looking to be an interesting match. Both sides are located at the bottom half of the table with Caen taking up 15th spot and Toulouse sitting one place above them with overall points being 24 and 25 respectively. Neither team has managed to stand out particularly with their record being somewhat similar.

Caen vs Toulouse

Caen have won 3 games, tied 2 and lost 6 while playing on their home ground, whereas Toulouse have a record of 3 wins, 0 draws and 9 losses whenever they have played away from home. Some mobile betting sites remain divided on who to award the better odds for this game, however Bet365 has decided to give favorites odds to Caen 2.25 (5/4), while Toulouse have been dealt underdog chances 3.40 (12/5). A draw on the other hand stands at 3.20 (11/5), which is not very likely.

Montpellier vs Lille and Lyon vs PSG

Montpellier won the league in 2012 but now they are a long way from being crowned champions. Their position on the table is entirely bad (6th place), however many experts believe that they should have done better at times. At home they hold a decent record (7 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses), which is the reason Bet365 favors them to win 2.20 (6/5) against 2011 champions Lille.

Montpellier vs Lille

The visiting side lie all the way down in 13th spot with only 28 points, and maintain an unimpressive away record of 1 win, 3 draws and 7 losses. Over the last five games they have lost and won twice apiece and tied on 1 occasion. Bet365 has assigned the odds of 3.60 (13/5), while a draw between them has stands at 3.20 (11/5), an event that is not very likely.

And the best game of the weekend has been saved for last. Current Ligue 1 leaders Lyon will host PSG in what will probably be a great match filled with superb football action. The hosts have amassed 49 points and have a very impressive home record of 11 wins and only 1 loss. PSG are known to boast some of the most powerful forwards in the world, however they haven’t performed as expected of them this season and are now stuck in 3rd place with 47 points.

Lyon vs PSG

The Parisian side have notched 5 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses while playing away from home and looking at their expensively assembled squad, they should have been able to perform much better. Despite this online sportbooks in France still favor PSG to seal a win 2.20 (6/5), while Lyon have been branded as underdogs 3.40 (12/5) on their own ground. It is hard to say whether a draw is possible and for this reason a tie has been set at 3.30 (23/10), per Bet365.


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