Lionel Messi Special Bets On Retirement – He is Leaving Barca


Posted: August 18, 2020

Updated: August 18, 2020

  • Messi is the greatest player of all time
  • Barcelona and Messi fit each other really well
  • Recent developments that could push Messi to a different club

Lionel Messi special bets on retirement are back as there are doubts about his future at Barcelona. The most recent defeat against Bayern Munich was the icing on the cake for Messi to go furious. The Argentine is fed up with the club’s strategy for the past years. Recent reports say that unless a significant change happens, we might see him at a different club by the start of next season.

Messi’s Career At Barcelona Is On Another Level

Lionel Messi is arguably the best player in history. The amount of team and individual trophies the Argentine won is remarkable. During his time at Barcelona, he won 10 La Ligas, 4 Champions Leagues, and 6 Copa Del Rey titles. In addition to the team trophies, Messi won the Ballon D’or six times, more than anyone in history! Looking at his individual statistics, it seems that Barcelona is the place that fits him really well. After playing 731 with the Blaugrana, the Ballon D’or six-time winner scored 634 goals and assisted 285 more. As a result, online sportsbook sites in Spain predict that he will end his career at Barcelona. At 1xBET Sportsbook, Lionel Messi special bets on retirement at Barcelona are 2.30. However, there are some other factors that might push him to leave the club.

Lionel Messi Special Bets On Retirement
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Lionel Messi Special Bets On Retirement: Reasons that Push Him Away from Barcelona

The relationship between Messi and the Barcelona board has been deteriorating for the past years. The Argentine has expressed on multiple occasions his dissatisfaction with the club. For instance, he once criticized how some of the board members try to run the club like a business. In an interview in 2013, Messi said “Barcelona is the best club in the world and should be represented by the best board members, too,” he said. “Senor Faus is someone who doesn’t know anything about football and wants to manage Barcelona like a business, which it is not”.

In addition to his bad relationship with the board, the pressure that is put on Messi to carry the team is too much. The lack of planning and bad signings has left him alone on the pitch with no help. Everyone depends on him to score and win games for the team. If Messi is not in form, the team struggles. Recently, the humbling defeat against Bayern Munich has left him furious. Although major changes will happen regarding rebuilding the team, such a project takes time. This could leave Barcelona trophyless for a few years. As a result, going trophyless might push him to look for another team. Many of the online sportsbook sites in Spain, such as 1xBET Sportsbook, believe his chances of retiring at Barcelona have diminished. In their Lionel Messi special bets on retirement, betting odds for him to retire at a different club are 1.55.

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