Lithuania Illegal Online Gambling Transactions Will Be Blocked


Posted: January 7, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

Gaming Control Authority of the country announced changes regarding remote gambling including a firm approach towards Lithuania illegal online gambling activities.

According to the new amendment to Lithuanian gambling laws, the Ministry of Finance will tackle the matter of unlicensed remote gaming more strictly, gambling news report. From January 1, 2016 the Gaming Control Authority uses a way more rigorous approach towards Lithuania illegal online gambling activities. This goes for taking legal action against operators and blocking of bank transactions too.

Online gambling in Lithuania has been in kind of a grey area until now. Remote gaming wasn’t prohibited, but wasn’t regulated either by gambling laws in Lithuania. From now on, the Government will take legal steps towards those operators that are unlicensed in Lithuania but offer online gambling for locals.

Lithuania illegal online gambling problem will be tackled

The Gaming Control Authority ordered Lithuanian banks to observe the regulations that oblige them to prevent any Lithuania illegal online gambling transactions. This includes blocking or strongly limiting winner payouts too. Moreover the Authority will have the right to access digital information regarding servers connected to Lithuania illegal online gambling activities. This information will expectedly be announced publicly.

Gaming Control Authority director Virginijus Dauksys commented the news emphasizing that online gambling operators will need a Lithuanian license to operate legally in the country. He said, “These changes to regulation have been widely publicized and will be strictly legally enforced. Gaming operators need to be licensed to operate in the Republic of Lithuania.”

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