Liverpool vs Atletico Odds: Is the Defender in Trouble?


Posted: March 9, 2020

Updated: March 9, 2020

  • Liverpool will host Atletico Madrid this Wednesday
  • Atletico has a 1-0 lead after first leg
  • At Anfield the PL leaders are the favorites to win

Until their game against Atletico Madrid, Liverpool was very confident in this season, not losing any of their games. But the Spanish team managed to do the impossible and win against them in the first leg of the last 16 in the Champions League. In the Liverpool vs Atletico odds, the chances are very similar for both teams to go through.  

Liverpool leads the Premier League with 25 points ahead of Manchester City, which is a huge advantage. They haven’t suffered any defeats all season until their loss in Madrid. But something has refracted then as since that game they lost against Watford in the League and against Chelsea in the FA Cup. And even though they managed to win at home finally against Bournemouth 2-1 at the weekends, this might be a great occasion for the Spanish team to take advantage of the Reds’ poorer form.

In the Liverpool vs Atletico odds, the English team should win the game

Liverpool are the favorite to win the game at Anfield, they have the odds of 1.50 at bet365 sportsbook. At home, the Reds are very strong, supported by their enthusiastic fans, anything else than a win looks unlikely. This is shown by the odds, which are 3.90 for a draw and 7.50 for Atletico’s win. But even online sportsbooks in the UK are not that optimistic about Liverpool’s chances to go through to the next round.

Liverpool vs Atletico odds
Chelsea vs Atletico – Image via Flickr

We shouldn’t forget that Atletico needs only a draw, and if they manage to score a goal, Liverpool would need to score at least 3. Of course, Liverpool are more than capable of doing that, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino is still the best-attacking trio at the moment. These are mirrored in the Liverpool vs Atletico odds as well, which are predicting a game with many goals.

Can Simeone inspire his players more than Klopp?

On each side, we find a very dynamic and heated manager, Diego Simeone and Jurgen Klopp. Simeone has been able to inspire the team even when they were the underdog. He used a similar tactic as the Reds on their previous game. Pressing and leaving no space for the other team. They defended great as well, Liverpool only had two clear chances on goal.

Of course, now the situation will be very different. Atletico needs to focus on defending and to stop Liverpool from scoring. Online gambling sites in the UK are predicting that the game will have a conclusion in the 90 minutes. The odds of going to extra time or to penalties are very high, with 10.00 and 15.00. But even bookmakers can’t decide which team will reach the last eight. They are offering them similar chances. The odds to see Liverpool there is 1.95 while Atletico has slightly better chances with the odds of 1.80.

You can see more about these odds here at bet365 sportsbook.

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