In a Barking Mad World Bet on a Terrier to Win Crufts 2020

It’s the highlight of the doggy calendar. This week the National Exhibition Centre in Marston Green, will be knee-deep in the pinnacle of the canine world. Now obviously, you might not usually bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020.

Bet On A Terrier To Win Crufts 2020
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1. Bet On A Terrier To Win Crufts 2020: Utility – 12/1

A utility dog sounds like a four-legged creature with an inordinate amount of pockets. However, both Poodles and Lhasa Apso fall into this class. They’ve won a few times in recent years so it might be worth a punt. That said a bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020 will probably stand you in better stead. Getting a Poodle just right can be a stretch and it’s only been exceptional examples who won in the past. This year it seems unlikely but your long shot fans will still like that price. Soon a bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020 might be one of the few wagers still available at online sportsbook sites in the UK.

2. Pastoral – 8/1

Yes, it might sound like a dog who has shunned urban living, but these are the countryside mainstays. It’s been a dozen years since a Pastoral class dog won Best In Show. That was an Australian Shepherd. This time around it’ll take quite a lot to have won beat back the fickle finger of fashion. That’s why a bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020 is probably a better idea. Taking advantage of UK gambling laws hoping a Pastoral dog will win this year is just a tad cavalier.

3. Hound – 8/1

Priced longer than it really ought to be, this is a class that needs little introduction. A bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020 might be logical, but Hounds have the eyes. The judges have been known to swoon over a good Basset or a decent Whippet. So, don’t write this class off. Sure, that price is a bit worrying, but that just makes it all the more tempting. The last time a Hound won was 2018, so they can’t have fallen out of favor just yet. It’s just a question of the judges’ mood on the day.

4. Working – 6/1

A Working dog hasn’t won for a decade. This might just mean their turn is returning round again. Not that I would expect to see another Giant Schnauzer grab Best In Show, frankly, but stranger things happen. There have been some great examples floating about lately. So that’s probably why online betting sites in the UK  give them shorter odds than the Hounds. You can check Bet365 Sportsbook to get more information about shorter odds. They’re playing the law of averages, fair enough. A good working dog can wow judges quite easily. 

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog – Crufts 2019 – Image via Flickr

5. Toy – 7/2

Last year it was a Papillon that strolled off with Best In Show. The first Toy class dog to win since 2003. Rising in popularity over the years there is a good chance this class will grab back to back wins. So, whilst not everyone’s the idea of a dog, they could well be a great alternative to a bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020. The judges could well ride the zeitgeist and continue to favor this class. This is especially true if a Toy dog wins the hearts of the crowd, known to oft sway judges. 

6. Gun – 3/1

The only class to really rival a bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020, gun dogs win quite frequently. So, at that 3/1 price on offer at bookies like Bet365 Sportsbook, it might well be worth a punt. Spaniels, Retrievers, and Setters can all really glow under the lights. So this can make them sparkle in a way to turn the judge’s heads. Likewise, their ability to move gracefully can tip them over the edge into Best In Show territory. Whether it happens this year, as it did in 2017, is another question. 

7. Terrier – 15/8

So, just to be clear, a bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020 is the most sensible wager on offer. Anyone who regularly bets on sports in the UK will spot this for the obvious no brainer it is. Sure, the other classes could all get their nose in front on a good day, but terriers have been repeated winners at this event down the years (the first in 1929). Therefore if you’re going to have a little flutter on our four-pawed friends at Bet365 Sportsbook, be smart and bet on a terrier, okay?

We take a look at why you should bet on a terrier to win Crufts 2020.

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