Longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup Betting Odds On Offer

Posted: October 30, 2018

Updated: October 30, 2018

The Melbourne Cup is one of the most prestigious races in the southern hemisphere. Naturally, it attracts a top class field and massive crowds. But it also attracts dull options, such as the 4/1 on Yucatan or the tempting 9/1 on Magic Circle at 9/1. However, if you want to make event like this into an occasion, you should check out some of the longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds.

2018 Melbourne Cup Favorites

  • Marmelo – 20/1
  • Rostropovich – 16/1
  • Youngstar – 16/1
  • The Cliffsofmoher – 16/1
  • Muntahaa – 14/1
  • Best Solution – 14/1
  • Cross Counter – 11/1
  • Avilius – 11/1
  • Magic Circle – 9/1
  • Yucatan – 4/1

Yes, I know, even on a cautionary each-way basis those with their sensible trousers on are going to snap up those 9/1 odds on Magic Circle, those that haven’t already plumped for the 4/1 available on Yucatan, and even the 11/1 you can find on Avilius and Cross Counter are reasonable enough wagers as place bets, as perhaps are Best Solution and Muntahaa, however nothing is more fun than taking up some of those longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds.

The race has a habit of surprising people, and whilst this year the biggest surprise will probably be how much of a blind eye the organizers will turn to outrageous levels of alcohol consumption among the crowd (and the associated behavioral issues that will doubtless ensue) that isn’t to say one of the less likely steeds won’t be able to find the front at the crucial moment and make taking up those longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds a good bet on sport in Australia after all.

Will Trap For Fools Or Gallic Chieftain Surprise at 100/1

Wall Of Fire has the most lengthy longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds at somewhere around 300/1, putting it on par with Megablast who is equally without any real hope save for in the fevered dream of its trainer and jockey. Azuro and Dal Harraild get a similar price at bookies like Unibet, but neither one inspires any more confidence. Likewise Lord Fandango, Brimham Rocks and Sole Impact get 200/1 like Sixties Groove and a half dozen others who’ve no chance.


Naturally those who regularly take advantage of Australian gambling laws are unlikely to be swayed by the dubious temptations of longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds, however the more casual bettors among you may well find Trap For Fools nicely, if perhaps ironically, named at 100/1 which is the same price that you can pick up on Gallic Chieftain at sites like Unibet and if you’ve some French ancestry you might well want to back it as a small nod to your heritage.

Get Longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup Betting Odds At Unibet

2018 Melbourne Cup Odds Longshots

  • Wall of Fire – 300/1
  • Megablast – 300/1
  • Azuro – 300/1
  • Dal Harraild – 300/1
  • Sixties Groove – 200/1
  • Sole Impact – 200/1
  • Brimham Rocks – 200/1
  • Lord Fandango – 200/1
  • Prize Money – 200/1
  • Libran – 200/1
  • Miss Admiration – 200/1
  • Zacada – 200/1
  • Rising Red – 200/1
  • Northwest Passage – 200/1
  • Sir Charles Road – 200/1
  • Nakeeta – 200/1

You can find similar 100/1 longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds on Patrick Erin, Auvray, Vengeur Masque and the topically named Midterm, although the 66/1 available at sites like Unibet on Yogi tempts me more, and you can find the same price on Ace High or Who Shot The Barman, although there are some interesting horses loitering around the 50/1 mark including Runaway, Tosen Basil, Sound Check,  Jaameh and Thinkin Big, any of whom might surprise.

A Prince Of Arran gets 33/1 and at that price might not even be worth an each-way wager, and any Australian gambling news headlines on the sports pages will be including a picture of it in the winner’s circle come the weekend is barking mad, so you might want to skip it, Chestnut Coat and Ventura Storm entirely and go for a mount with some real longshot 2018 Melbourne Cup betting odds riding on it, after all, this is a time to make merry and not be entirely sensible.

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