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New York duo desperately launch lawsuit to recover winnings despite throwing ticket away in error

Whilst this US gambling news might sound like the pedestrian plot of poorly written sitcom but for two men in New York the melodrama is all too real. Having bought a winning lottery ticket, worth nearly a million dollars, they threw it away.

Salvatore Cambria and Erick Onyango from Suffern, New York, bought three tickets from a 7-Eleven convenience store, and as many of us do, checked the numbers online shortly after the draw had taken place.

Mr. Cambria claims that when he asked his friend Erick to check the numbers online, some time after the draw was made, the numbers didn’t match. Unbeknownst to them the site was still showing the previous weeks numbers. Thinking it worthless Mr Cambria threw the ticket away only discovering the mistake later.

One of three

Edward Logan, attorney for the pair, said “By the time they realised what was happened, their money was headed to a garbage dump somewhere in Canada.” The pair are now suing the New Jersey Lottery claiming the site reflected inaccurate information that has cost them a million dollars.

The Lottery Commission that regulates under the strict US gambling laws, is yet to comment on the matter but there is some slim hope for the pair as of their three sequentially numbered tickets it was the middle one that won, and was discarded. They still retain the other two which may go some way towards proving their case.

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