Lucky Lottery Jackpot Winner Proves Unlucky In Love

  • Former Postman Doesn’t Deliver A Very Stable Relationship  
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  • A Wife And Three Girl Friends All Dump Lottery Millionaire
Lucky lottery jackpot

Even the best lotto jackpot reviews have a hard time toning down their enthusiasm for lottery winners. If you’ve won the lottery, it’s felt, you’ve got it made. Right? The dream has, for you, come true. Unfortunately, for one lucky lottery jackpot winner in the UK, it didn’t quite work out like that. Apparently, simply being wealthy is no guarantee of happiness. Who knew? Well okay, but perhaps there’s something we can learn from this experience to stop us doing it when we win. 

There is nothing wrong, per se, with being a lucky lottery winner. You can’t bemoan winning £147 million. It would appear churlish at best. However, just because you’ve struck it rich at Lotto Agent or wherever doesn’t mean your problems are all over. Fortune is a fickle mistress, so whilst you’re lucky today, tomorrow could be a whole new ball game. Just ask Adrian Bayford. His lottery win was massive, but since then his good luck seems to have deserted him. And so has everyone else. 

Adrian, as many a lucky lottery winner does, bought himself a big new house when he won. The grade II listed building is very swish. It nestles in Cambridgeshire and comes with a cinema, pool, and 189 acres of garden. Not that it came cheap. The cost was £6.5 million. But you get what you pay for. So far, so good. Unfortunately, then fate decided to prove even the best lottery jackpots can be a curse as well as a blessing. Adrian’s wife, Gillian, chose to divorce him.

Factory Girl Flounces, Stable Girl Bolts, Waitress Wanders Off

Losing one’s wife is never a good thing. It’s never easy. However, with a few million in the bank it might not be the end of the world. Right? There are other women in the world. You’re a lucky lottery jackpot winner. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Indeed Adrian quickly found it wasn’t a problem. Unfortunately, his first choice, a lady from a Polish sausage factory, one Marta Jarosz, dumped him. This is lamentable, but again, hardly worth making too much fuss about.

“Adrian thought he had found love with Sam.  She ran out with the horses he bought her.”

Sam Burbidge, however, was a little more complex. She was a stable girl who persuaded him to spend several million upgrading the house. There were dreams of farming. However, despite buying her cars, jewelry, and horses, she too dumped him. She took the horses and departed. For Adrian, apparently, the best lottery to play didn’t love. He might have been a lucky lottery winner but in the love stakes, he wasn’t having any luck at all. The third time’s a charm though, right?

Lucky lottery jackpot
At least you are lucky in something

Love Falls Flat For Lucky Lottery Winner

Wrong. Lisa Kemp, a waitress at Frankie & Benny’s, quickly also dumped this millionaire. So what’s going on? Well for a start Adrian is desperate to rid himself of his mansion. He feels it just embodies all his disappointments. The word “betrayal” creeps into some of his thinking. And perhaps that’s only fair. However, Adrian himself is perhaps not entirely blameless. No one said becoming a lucky lottery winner made you perfect. A quick look at Adrian underlines that fact.

“Adrian and Gillian had such bright hopes when they bought that house. It just never worked out.”

Adrian evidently feels that being rich is enough. That all one needs do is throw money at things and they will be to your liking regardless. This isn’t true. It might work in the short term but over the long haul is doomed to fail. Any lucky lottery winner of any of the progressive jackpot lotteries at Lotto Agent and the like, beware. You might have solved many of your money problems. You may quit your job. But there will still be work to do. Mostly on yourself.

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We take a look at the lessons to be learned from Adrian Bayford the lucky lottery winner who has had his heart broken four times.

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