Luxurious Yacht Mimicking the Streets of Monaco

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500 feet-long yacht inspired by the principality of Monaco costs $401 million to build.

For several years now, Monaco has been one of the top gambling destinations of the rich and famous. With that in mind, Yacht Island Design has recently created a project called “The Streets of Monaco”: a super-yacht reflecting the opulence of the small principality.

Societe des bains de mer is the only company licensed to operate under Monacan gambling laws and it currently has five luxurious casinos across the state, but none of them compares to what Yacht Island Design has to offer.

The yacht has a special design and looks more like a floating city, considering it is half the size of a modern cruise ship. Measuring more than 500 feet in length, it features an expansive deck where Monaco’s most famous landmarks are replicated, including the Grand Prix race track, Hotel de Paris and Port Hercules.

$401 million for an extravagant mobile casino

The floating venue would also have its own helicopter pad, a small submarine, speedboats and swimming pools, as well as hotels by the port area. The interior design of the yacht is inspired by the gardens surrounding the Monaco Casino.

The project includes several luxurious rooms that could accommodate up to 16 guests and 70 crew members. Naturally, the biggest room would belong to the owner, who could enjoy his private sundeck, jacuzzi and pool.

Yacht Island Design is looking for a client with $401 million to spend on this extravagant mobile casino. “We have had a significant amount of interest from the general public wanting to take cruises and a number of inquiries for potential commercial applications,” said Rob McPherson, one of the authors of the project.

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