Magic in the Casino: Real-Life Stories

  • No matter how much scientists prove to us that miracles do not happen, life shows the opposite
  • Miracles do happen sometimes!
  • Let's try to figure out if magic in the casino exists
magic in the casino

First of all, we will not state with mathematical precision that extrasensory perception exists in principle. No matter how much scientists prove to us that miracles do not happen, life shows the opposite. Indeed, miracles do happen sometimes. If you do not believe in human superpowers, this does not mean that they do not exist. For example, the ancient people were firmly convinced that the Earth is flat and rests on three elephants, but what turned out to be in reality? Let’s take a closer look at real-life stories which prove that magic in the casino exists.

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There are tons of mysterious facts, direct and indirect evidence that the world around us is not quite the way we perceive it. Also, science is already beginning to understand these incomprehensible things little by little. Therefore, we will simply accept as an axiom that “something like that” exists. Well, if there are psychics and there are online casinos in the USA, then there must be psychics in the casinos. And in vain they say that they are not written about in the newspapers – they write. Here you will find a few stories about psychics in a casino, ranging from the most dubious tales to quite reliable information.

Tales from the Internet

They say that in a well-known St. Petersburg casino, an inconspicuous player appeared several nights in a row and bet small, moving from roulette to poker and back. And then one night, as usual, he won some pennies on roulette, went to the cashier, took the winnings, and left. And in the morning, when the cashier began to count the money, a shortage of 50 thousand dollars was discovered! They began to watch the videotape. The shocked, uncomprehending woman watched in horror as she counted the player instead of $50 – $50,000. The cashier, of course, was fired, and the hypnotist in this casino no longer appeared. Luckily, such a situation cannot happen in the Bet365 Casino

magic in the casino
Image source: Flickr

Magic in the casino: Man incognito

This story is not entirely about extrasensory perception, for such tricks, in principle, ordinary hypnosis is enough. Indeed, they say that Wolf Messing did not do such tricks. Well, okay, for a start it will do. A few years ago, a certain Frenchman regularly visited the gambling establishments of the Cote d’Azur, who won several tens of thousands of dollars in each visit! Of course, the casino owners began to suspect him of fraud and conducted a covert investigation. It turned out that the mysterious player did not use any of the usual cheating tricks: he was not in cahoots with the croupier, did not use any mathematical system, or special devices that can affect the rotation of the roulette wheel. It remained to assume only one thing: this man, whose name, by the way, no one managed to find out, is the strongest psychic. He was just blacklisted.

Uri Geller and gambling

Surely everyone has heard of this legendary spoon bender. Whether he is a real psychic or not, we will not argue. Indeed, we will rely on the opinion of the President of Mexico. The fact is that in the 70s of last year, Uri Geller lived in Mexico and worked for the local government. There he was looking for oil fields. This is the way he searched for them. First, he was taken on a plane over Mexico, from time to time he poked his finger down and said: “Oil is here.” And it seems that these rides were not entirely unsuccessful. Moreover, the President of Mexico gave him the citizenship of his country and personally handed over the passport of a citizen of Mexico.

Thus, the famous psychic Uri Geller was often teased by friends and acquaintances – why are you, Uri’s friend, hunchbacked at performances for a penny, wouldn’t it be easier to ruin a couple of casinos in Vegas? Uri always laughed off such conversations, and, by the way, he had one story in his life. Once, having arrived in England, Geller went to the casino with his friend and producer Shipi. He tried to use his abilities at the roulette table. What happened that evening is not known for certain. Whether he made the ball stop exactly where it was needed, or just guessed the numbers. However, the hit was ten out of ten!

Magic in the casino exists!

It was not just luck, but one of those unique cases when you are completely insured against failure and you know it very well. Geller and his friend were deliberately in no hurry to win huge sums so as not to attract too much attention to themselves. Long after midnight, they returned to the Churchill Hotel with pockets full of banknotes. In the morning they began to count the profits – it turned out to be about 17 thousand pounds sterling. At that time it was very decent money. Being in some kind of ecstasy, the friends decided to go to Monte Carlo as soon as possible.

magic in the casino

And the next day, a huge Daimler arrives for Geller at the hotel to take him to a television recording in Liverpool. He took the winnings with him. Also, he opened the case on the way to check if all the money was in place. And at that moment something completely inexplicable happened to him – and therefore even more terrible! There was an explosion in my head. His head was wrapped in an iron hoop, the pain was unbearable. Only one annoying thought beat in my mind: why did you need to use your abilities for profit? The psychic was trembling, his throat was dry, and his head seemed to be blown to shreds. He thought he was going crazy. Then, suddenly, as if a bright electric light went out – and everything stopped as suddenly as it began. First of all, Geller pulled a bag of money out of the car – and threw it on the road!

Why psychics don’t gamble

Psychics themselves explain their reluctance to play in the online gambling sites in the USA in this way: the main reason is the prohibition of “higher powers” on the use of their gift for personal enrichment. If they violate this prohibition, they pay for it, either with health, or their gift disappears altogether. Perhaps this is also why cases of psychics playing for money are so rare. Learn more about The Earliest forms of gambling. But is there a place for magic in the casino?

The famous medium of the early twentieth century, Edgar Cayce, believed that the Earth has an information field around, where there are answers to all our questions. You just need to be able to get this information and interpret it correctly. He called this field the Akashic Records. However, it doesn’t happen for each of you that at some point in time you understand that in a given situation you need to act in this way and nothing else? Intuition is so familiar to many players – but what is it? This is also foresight, or, in other words, the ability to read information from the Akashic Records. Only an ordinary person uses this ability from time to time. Meanwhile, unconsciously, psychics work with these qualities all their lives, developing them constantly.

magic in the casino
Image source: Aethelberht of Kent, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Is there a place for magic in the casino?

Let’s assume that psychics still exist. Then we should admit that, since supernatural abilities work according to their laws, it is difficult for us, ordinary untalented people, to understand something in how they work. We think that since you are a psychic, then be kind – know everything in the world, predict earthquakes and win at the casino. However, here an elementary analogy arises: ordinary people can have a scientific mindset, or they can have a humanitarian one.

Someone from childhood has the ability to music, and someone – to draw. Meanwhile, some people can command and organize other people, and some can only obey. So why should psychics be different? They are also different – telepathy and telekinesis, soothsayers and healers, dowsers and mediums. Everyone has their talent, and it is not always possible to use it in the Bet365 Casino. It would be interesting to know, maybe the readers had cases of intuitive gambling in the casino, or maybe someone knows psychics? Learn more about Betting on Magic and making real money with a superpower!

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