Minimum System Requirements For Online Casino Games

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Minimum System Requirements For Online Casino Games

Many of you asked about what are the minimum system requirements for online casino games. So, this time we will give you the answers what are the given minimum hardware for each supplier of the online gambling sites in the US. Let’s take a closer look at the exact numbers while we also tell you how you can play via browsers, desktop- or mobile- applications.

Of course, there is always a short answer. Since gaming apps are running on most of the smartphones and literally on any computer which’s basic functions working. However, it’s possible that an old computer doesn’t give the same pleasure of gaming since animations won’t appear properly. Also, your connection quality is the most important. If you disconnect during a game session, a bad internet connection can lead to actual financial damage.

So, if you have the neccesary equipment, nothing can stop you to have your own virtual casino at home. The standards are low and a new-gen smartphone surely hit it. Don’t miss the Bonuses and the limitless fun at the Ignition Casino once you have the minimum system requirements for online gaming.Minimum System Requirements For Online Casino Games

What are the minim system requirements for online casino games?

It depends on two things. First, what type of game you play, from which provider. Online Poker or Blackjack doesn’t need higher RAM. There are no extra animations and the numeric fields are also ended with the number of the few hundred cards. While new-gen slots are using a complex algorithm and RNG, to provide the most “random” outcomes, and have spectacular animations to keep the punters in front of the screen.

But there are even differences among them. For example here are the minimum system requirements for the online casino games of Microgaming and Playtech. Playtech’s values are the standard for the old-school online slots, while Microgaming’s represent the new-wave online gambling software.


Windows 95 +

32MB RAM graphics memory

16-bit color video card

20 MB free hard disk space


Pentium III 800 MHz or more

128 MB of available memory

32 MB of graphics memory

At least 800 x 600 video resolution

500 MB free hard disk space

56 KB/s+ Internet connection

You will have to install Java to run online slots in your browser

To play slots within a browser like Google Chrome it’s not enough if your computer meets the minimum system requirements for online casino games. You must install and enable a Java Plugin. It’s a couple of clicks and you can find everything about how to download their plugin at Java’s official site. After, you can reach any online slots directly at the online casino sites in the US.

However, I still suggest you download and install the casinos’ panel on your desktop. Use their application since it’s a safer place to gamble than any kind of browsers. So just register, and click on the Download application button.

Minimum System Requirements For Online Casino Games
You can play all the casino games on your smartphone as well – Image source: Flickr

Most of the online gaming options are optimized for smartphones

One way or another, we must also mention that the desktop gambling’s heyday has been ended in the 2020s as most of the people around the globe have smartphones. Thus, most of the gambling software is optimized for Ios or Android, not on the classic desktops. Thus, some old computers may have processor issues or even with graphic cards. Anyhow, if you are looking for technical improvement to enjoy all the features that the online casino games can offer, you should rather invest in a good smartphone than a computer. Also, from this point, you have the freedom to gamble anywhere.
Minimum System Requirements For Online Casino Games

In summary, the minimum system requirements for online casino games are not even an aspect in the age of smartphones. One way or another, a trustworthy internet connection is the key to enjoy online gaming without any issues. I would say a 56 KB/s or faster Internet connection will make it, but also make sure that the signal is continuous. If not, you better use your 4G instead of the Wifi.

Also, if you stick to the mainstream online casinos in the US, you can be sure that you will always find slots and games which has a pretty low minimum system requirement.

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