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Lottery Scammers

Generalizations are, by and large, unhelpful. You can’t arbitrarily lump people together based on but a few of the myriad of factors that govern our behavior. That said, sometimes you come across enough evidence in a short space of time to make a snap judgement. Take the latest stories about lottery scammers. Even the best lotto jackpot reviews now have to admit that people who attempt to bilk the lottery are idiots, and it’s far safer to access lotteries at Lotto Agent et al.

Alright so it’s not entirely fair to say that all lottery scammers are idiots. Some of them must get away with it, right? And how would we know? We don’t get to hear about the shadowy criminal masterminds that successfully rip off Lotteries. We get to hear about the ones who don’t get away with it. Hence it is just possible our opinion of these fools is somewhat jaundiced by their failure. Unfortunately when you look at the details of how idiotic these people are, it’s hard not to sneer. 

Sometimes it’s because they’re evidently a few guard towers short of a Uyghur re-education camp. Low level criminals without the sense to know there are some things you can’t get away with. They overlook the obvious tendency of modern technology to keep records. So, they often catch lottery scammers. In Suffolk, UK, one remembered that sensible people find the best lottery to play online at sites like Lotto Agent. So he tried it, using a credit card he’d just stolen.     

Using Stolen Credit Card In Local Store Proves Stupid 

Not only did Alex Sims, 34, use the burgled card to play lotteries online, but also buy scratchcards. In person. Spot the problem? Yup, that’s right, it’s a stupid thing to do. Rather obviously, they caught, identified and prosecuted him. They found him guilty and he’s now awaiting sentencing. Classic stupid-criminal stuff. A small time crook gets caught out committing the sort of theft and fraud that Lotto Agent and other online lottery sites almost totally negate.   

“[It was] Spur of the moment”

  • Alex Sims’ Legal Defense For Burglary 
Lottery Scammers
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Naturally not all such attempts to defraud people and lotteries are so small. Some people invent huge grandiose schemes, which still fail. Rather amusingly, most of these lottery scammers fall foul of the same shortsightedness of their lesser brethren. They may appear to have a bigger dream and more intelligence, but it transpires they’re just as dumb. Take Shelian Cherine Allen. She ran fake progressive jackpot lotteries targeting old people and forgot about bank records.

Lotto Agent Helps You Avoid Lottery Scammers

Shelian Cherine Allen should have known better. She ought to have figured out that getting her victims to use bank transfers to buy into her fake lottery was stupid. They tracked it all down because banks keep records. So now she’s accused of a US$1.69m fraud. Shelian differs from most lottery scammers in that had more of an insight than most. She, of all people, should have known what the law can use to track these criminals down. Mz Allen is (was) a police officer.

“[Mz Allen] conspired with others to devise and carry out a telemarketing and mass marketing scheme that targeted vulnerable victims in order to defraud and to obtain money by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises.”

  • Description of Charges Against Shelian Allen

That’s a whole new level of stupid. We expect a certain level of idiocy from lottery scammers, but this is extreme. She knew precisely how they would track down those guilty of the crime, and did nothing about it. You could accuse her of hubris, but sheer greed and stupidity seems more likely. So once again if you were looking for a reason to find the best lottery jackpots online in safety and security, here’s another two lottery scammers making the point, albeit stupidly.

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We take a look at why we tend to think that lottery scammers are stupid, and notice they do themselves no favors. 

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