Myths About Casinos in Movies – Do Not Fall for Them

  • Hollywood movies usually paint a different picture of real-life casinos
  • Myths about casinos in movies make you believe in non-realistic factors
  • See the list, to find out you have been mislead by films
Myths About Casinos in Movies

We can surely agree on one thing: movies barely show the real side of the world. They are usually much more idealistic and glamorous than real life – except for when they are aiming for the exact opposite. However, this is also true to those movies that include casinos: they tend to promote myths.

Have you ever been to a brick-and-mortar casino? Or you just like to scroll through online casino sites in the US? If all you have seen are online casinos so far, you might think that in real life, they look just like they do in James Bond or the Hangover movies. But we can assure you: they do not! There are several aspects that these movies got wrong. And by that, Hollywood films paint a quite different picture about these places. But here we are now, to tear down the myths that movies create about casinos!

Myths and mistakes about casinos in movies

Celebrating your win

One of the saddest myths about casinos that movies trigger is the thrill of celebration all around you. In movies, the characters are usually surrounded by people rooting for them. Well, we have to disappoint you. If you are playing in a real-life casino, most people are just minding their own businesses. And if they are cheering when you win, it is probably because they put their money on the same number, that you did. So, they are basically just happy for themselves.

Dress code

One of the biggest myths about casinos posed by movies is about the outfits people wear. It is true, that some casinos have dress codes, but definitely not all of them. Just think about it: in Vegas, where it is usually over 30 degrees, no one could pull off a black-tie outfit. In spite of this, most movies, like Casino Royale just to give one example, the characters wear the most elegant outfits. Do not fall for them! Of course, you cannot be as comfortable as you are at your home, playing poker on Whamoo Casino, but no black tie is necessary.

Myths About Casinos in Movies
You don’t need to dress up usually

The power of the mafia

This might not have been the case in the past, but today all the casinos in the world are legitimate places. They have to meet the local regulations and laws to just be able to open up. So, it is not possible for dreadful mafia chains to run them. As such, those dodgy people in black suits, whispering to each other’s ears in the corner of a casino – they are just not there.

Limits or no limits: that is the question

In real-life casinos, just like on online sportsbook sites in the US, there are limitations – mostly for player protection reasons. It means that when you see the main character generously putting up like a million dollars at one bet, it is fake. In real casinos, and in online ones, like Whamoo Casino as well, each game and table have its own limits. They even display it for everyone to see.

What is the deal with card counting?

First and foremost: card counting is not officially illegal. Of course, no casino is happy about a genius sitting down at one of their tables, taking huge chunks of their money. We saw this on Rain Man and also in Hangover, but they got something wrong. This is one of the greatest myths about casinos, created by my movies. There are no casino-employed thugs who are waiting for these people to beat them up, once they win. They might other actions though, like setting a win limit or maximum bet level for them.

Myths About Casinos in Movies
Are they counting cards?

All in all…

We really hope that as we destroyed the myths on real-life casinos set by movies, did not discourage you from trying them some time. Of course, only when it is already safe to do so. But until we get there, we advise you to challenge yourself on online sites, like Whamoo Casino!

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