National Team Overview: Mexico

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Mexico is once again invited to the series of the Copa América, so our aim was to introduce their football team.

Mexico is in the CONACAF region, which consists of North and Central American national teams. They have one of the best teams in the Central American tournament, having won the Golden Cup 6 times,

• Mexico is a common guest at the Copa
• Mexico launches B squad
• Best players stayed at home

with which they have the most golden medals in the above-mentioned competition.

In addition, Mexico also had some minor achievements in the world football. Their best position in the FIFA World Cup is only a 6th position which they reached twice, but they for example have triumphed the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999 and finished in the third place in 1995.

Mexico has short history in the Copa América

As Mexico is not a member of the South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL), they can only play in the Copa América if they are invited by the South American organization. However, as Mexican gambling news report, they are one of the most popular guests of the prestigious continental tournament.

The Central American country’s national football team has participated in 9 different editiond of the CONMEBOL event and has reached quite good results on those 9 occassions when they took part. In addition, this makes them the guest with the most participations as the second most popular guest nation is Costa Rica, who have played in 4 editions of Copa América.


Flamboyant Mexican coach Miguel Herrera admits they are desperate for Copa success this year

Even though participating in 9 Copas and gaining good results, Mexico has never managed to claim the golden medal of the continental championship. They have been runner-ups in 1993 and in 2001, where they lost respectively against Argentina and Colombia in the finals. Only by one goal on both occassions, Argentina won 2-1, while Colombia defeated them by 1-0.

Last time they participated in 2011 and they got eliminated in the group stages as they lost all their three matches against Chile, Peru and Uruguay. That is the worst result in Mexico’s Copa América history as that was the only occasion when they failed to qualify for the quarter-finals and got knocked out in the group stage, according to the reports of mobile betting sites..

El Tricolor has been knocked out at the top eight in 1995 and 2004. In the former one, they played a goalless tie with the United States only to get knocked out on penalty shootout, while on the latter one they got trashed 4-0 by the eventual victorious team, Brazil. Online sportsbooks believed Brazil was far more powerful than any other team in the world.

However, El Tri also claimed the bronze medal 3 times during their short career at the South American tournament. They have finished in the third position in 1997, 1999 and 2007 as well, upon defeating Peru, Chile and Uruguay respectively in the third-place match. Mexico is a sure participant of this year’s Copa América too, and they are also invited for next year’s competition in the USA.

Mexico builds on players from their domestic league


Mexico captain Rafa Marquez plays for Verona now, though we might remember him better from Barcelona

The squad of La Verde has never really been among the greatest stars of all time, but the Mexican national team has always been known of its great stlye of football. They have always played as a great team and they played an offensive and attractive team play, which made them a very sympathetic and popular side among football fans.

The case is similar this time too. Their squad is not full of world class players or famous footballers. In addirion, they hardly even have players who are playing for a team that is not in the Mexican league. However, that is not because the country lacks talented players. That is because that was the decision that the Mexican Football Association has made.

Online gambling sites in Mexico report that Miguel Herrera has named a squad of a B team, leaving out all the great players. Javier Hernandez, who spent this season on load at Real Madrid, Andrés Guardado, who is captain of the national team in the absence of Rafael Márquez, and Carlos Vela are just some of the many great names that will not be there in Chile.

Miguel Herrera decided to launch a squad of homegrown and young players mostly because the main squad will rest for the Gold Cup 2015, which they believe is more important than the Copa América, as they are only guest teams in CONMEBOL’s event, while the CONCAF tournament is actually their continental competition.

There are only 4 players left who are not playing in the Mexican league. They are team captain and legend Rafael Marquez, who plays for Italian side Verona, and Atletico de Madrid’s Raúl Jiménez in addition to Jesús Manuel Corona and Javier Aquino, who are players of Twente and Rayo Vallecano respectively.

Everyone else in the squad are coming from the domestic league. These players are given the chance to prove the power of their national championship, because if Mexico will achieve a great result once again in Copa América, even with a completely reserve squad, well, that will be something to be amazed about.

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