NCAA Wrestling Championship 2020 Odds

  • Iowa is likely to get all of their 10 wrestlers in the All American list
  • Penn State is struggling to keep its title this year
  • 133 lbs is the hardest weight to bet
NCAA Wrestling Championship 2020 Odds
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According to the official National College Athletics Association, Division I wrestling championship is going to be held from March 19 to March 21. The association has been organizing the tournament since 1928 except for the war years. With the tournament coming in less than a month. The NCAA wrestling championship 2020 odds are already out.

Ever since 2000, the popularity of the tournament has been growing exponentially. With ESPN doing a live report during the whole matches they have been getting more attention than ever. The fame and buzz of the March Madness are a pretty big help for the NCAA games as a whole too. Until 2000, the championship games used to be held in one of the universities. Now they are taking place in big sports arenas in front of a huge loyal audience.

How do they count the scores for the teams?

Now when you’re betting on the wrestling championships, you can look at the odds from two sides. Either you can bet on individual wrestlers on each weight class, or you can bet on the team. There are ten weight classes in total with 33 wrestlers competing against each other in each class. The individuals receive a score based on the quality and level of their win, which will then be added up to determine the team’s total score.

NCAA Wrestling Championship 2020 Odds
Scoring is more complex than you think – Image source: Flickr

The top eight finishers in each weight class qualify for All-American status and represent the US in international tournaments. Each university is allowed to have ten members on their team in total, one from each class. A university to bring all ten guys to the championship will obviously have a competitive edge. However, this doesn’t always happen since some coaches choose to bring only a few good wrestlers and leave out the not so promising ones.

Penn State likely to lose its strike on championships

Ever since 2011, Penn State has won the championships consecutively except for only in the season of 2014-2015. However, NCAA wrestling championship winner odds are not looking really good for them this year. With the star players and former NCAA champions Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf graduating this year, few spots are left unfilled for the group’s roster. These two alone have won the team an amazing 237 championships in their weight classes. Therefore, you will always find low odds on Penn State wrestlers at Bovada Sportsbook.

NCAA Wrestling Championship 2020 Odds
Is this the end of Penn State’s heyday? – Image source: Flickr

However, from what it seems, the head coach Cael Sanderson has a plan to keep their title at home. The team has around 58 points at the beginning of the year, which was lower than several universities. The team was hoping to change this disappointing number with the return of  Anthony Cassar and Shakur Rasheed.

Cassar had an amazing 43-9 record during his time with Nittany Lions and won the individual championship last year. He was then awarded two more years of eligibility from the NCAA. Even though he was not sure about returning to the Happy Valley, about a week after the approval from NCAA, he has decided to join the team again. However, only two weeks ago, the head coach Cael Sanderson has told the media that he would be out of the season due to his injury.

Another promising wrestler Kyle Conel is also announced to be sidelined for the rest of the season. He transferred from Kent State last year and got a place at the 197-pound class. Shakur Rasheed has returned to the team after the NCAA granted him one more year of eligibility. He would be looking to finish his last year in college career at the top. Despite the golden coach Sanderson’s attempt to keep the title, the NCAA wrestling championship odds 2020 for the Nittany Lions are pretty low.

NCAA wrestling championship odds at Bovada 2020 are favoring Iowa this year

According to online betting sites in the US, all of the ten wrestlers from the weight classes are likely to get All-American titles. They have won the second-most championship titles as a team with 23 NCAA championships. 125-pound wrestler and former champion Spencer Lee and Pat Lugo who’s in the 149-pound weight class are both ranked at first in their classes. If they can win some bonus points for the team, added with Austin DeSanto, Alex Marinelli and Michael Kremer who are in second place, the Hawkeyes have a pretty good chance of making it to the top.

NCAA Wrestling Championship 2020 Odds
Austin DeSanto holds a lot of surprises – Image source: Flickr

All the other wrestlers are in the top eight of their classes. This means that even if there isn’t a lot of individual championships, the team can have the most points with top-threes. Even with lacking star-players and championships like Penn State or Oklahoma, they have an all-rounded team. They have been setting records in the season games. If Kemerer manages to push himself through the games, almost all of them have a chance of getting to the top three in the championship game.

The lack of competitors this year is a big plus for them too

As mentioned before, the superstar of the wrestling champion Penn State is rebuilding their team. Oklahoma has lost lots of team points in last year’s graduation too. On top of that, 2020 is the Olympic year. Lots of potential competitors have been keeping it low on the national games. They want to be in their best shape for the Olympic selection tournament. All of these seem to line-up perfectly in order to give Iowa a chance to break the Penn State winning strike. Also, online gambling sites in the US pairing quite short odds to Iowa.

Ohio State might break the Penn State’s strike again

In 2014-2015 when the Penn State coach Sanderson has decided to redshirt several wrestlers, the Buckeyes have managed to get the title. According to online sportsbooks in the US, the NCAA wrestling championship 2020 odds are hopeful about Ohio State this year. They have the most wrestlers who are on top of their weight classes.

Luke Pletcher is on top of the 141 lbs weight class, a well-deserved seed for his flawless 16-0 record with 4 quality wins. If he can get the championship, and maybe even some bonus points, that’ll make a big difference for the Ohio State’s team points. He has won bonus points in his last 11 matches.

NCAA Wrestling Championship 2020 Odds features iowa
Luke Pletcher is on the ground – Can he make it? – Image source: Flickr

Another promising member of the team is Kollin Moore. Placed at the second, third and fourth place before, he’s determined to get his long-awaited national championship this year. He was at the top of his weight class from the beginning of the season. Last year, he was at the finals with Bo Nickal and despite his best efforts, has lost the championship.

Starting the season at the sixth place, Sammy Sosso has managed to get to the top of his class. During the season, he has won several Big 10 wrestlers, securing his way to the championship. Even if he doesn’t win the championship this year, he’s most likely to be in the top three. If he managed to do that, it would be a great help for the team.

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