Nevada Gaming Control Board Gives Green Light for Online Poker Network

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With soaring demand and lucrative business opportunities, Nevada approves to implement online poker network.

With the approval from the Board, many casinos will now be able to offer online poker service to players. According to gambling news, reports are circulating that plans to implement a poker player pool in the state will not be more feasible than before.

Gaming regulators claim that the new system might make way for an integrated poker format between Nevada and the other online gaming state, Delaware. The technology’s main operator is 888 Holdings which has the potential to create a sustainable network.

888 Holdings to operate the network

• Online poker network looking to be a hit
• 888 Holdings will maintain the network
• Nevada and Delaware join forces for online poker

Several big companies are rumored to be looking into being part of the deal. Caesars Interactive Entertainment owns the World Series Poker Tournament (WSOP), whose site could stand to benefit from the inter-operator poker network developed by 888. Additionally, a planned poker room at Treasure Island would make use of the gaming network.

There would also be a complementary 888 poker room as part of the overall platform, which would be connected via the Treasure Island. WSOP site has been successfully launched a year ago, while Treasure Island’s online poker room has been put on hold until it receives approval from the Nevada state regulators to commence operations.

One of the most important aspects of this project is to see a shared revenue pot. The technology will split up the earnings from games to each casino on the platform according to the number of players they have registered with them.

888 Holdings legal team express optimism about the network

The legal team representing 888 Holdings explained how the system is going to be used to create a greater pool of players that in turn will boost revenue streams for the casinos Attorneys Mark Clayton and Yehoshua Gurtler stated that online players will have the chance to access the network through the WSOP site or Treasure Island.

This method has the potential to see a large customer base playing at any time. The number of online players in a single US poker room would substantially increase.

Clayton also added that the network is not exclusively limited to a select few casinos, but rather that small and large gaming institutions will be able to join. Every company involved with the system will help develop great poker tables for many players. Gurtler said that casino will have the opportunity to offer a diversified range of poker products to online clients.

Gurtler commented, “For Nevada, a network provides more gaming taxes due to greater product attractiveness and player participation.”

Months before the announcement of the new poker network, the states of Nevada and Delaware entered into an agreement which will see them work alongside one another in gaming pursuits. Players from each respective state will be able to play online poker against each other for the first time ever in the history of the US.

Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, A.G. Burnett, emphasized the work that went into establishing a partnership between Nevada and Delaware. “Everyone here has been working hard to make the agreement with Delaware a reality.”

Concerns about actual feasibility of the project

Recently, some concern have been expressed about Nevada’s ability of sharing the online poker space with another state. Although there has been strong support for integrating the poker gaming markets, some believe that in the long run Nevada won’t be able to sustain the project.

The fact that the gambling state already three active online poker networks has provoked concern in some that an imminent additional system would not be feasible over a longer period. Sceptics believe that Nevada only has the ability to operate three network, while anything more than that would back-fire.

Sharing the operational burden with a third state would come in handy. However, considering the current climate of online gambling sites in the US, help from an additional state will have to wait some time.

In addition, companies will have to be prepared to suffer potential losses as there are no guarantees that all networks will prove successful. For the ones that won’t have the means to cope with financial costs, could find themselves out of the online poker game in Nevada.

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