New DGP Cracks Down On Illegal Gambling In Gujarat

Illegal gambling in Gujarat

For those not availing themselves of online gambling in India but are instead perhaps bending the law a little should be on guard because there’s a new sheriff in town, or at least a new Director General of Police in Gujarat and Shivanand Jha seems set to make illegal gambling in Gujarat far more tricky with it topping his list of priorities alongside curbing the alarming rise in cyber-crime in India.

  • Can new DGP Shivanand Jha wipe out gambling in Gujarat?
  • Are Indian gambling laws hopelessly out of step with society?
  • Is a crack down on illegal gambling in Gujarat a waste of money?
  • Would more legal casinos decrease illegal gambling in India?

“Strict implementation of prohibition and gambling laws.” says Shivanand Jha when asked what his top priority will be in his new role. “While the DGP’s office will directly monitor action on liquor traffickers, bootleggers and gambling den operators, the state monitoring cell will be given a free hand to act against such elements.” Which is bad news for anyone enjoying illegal gambling in Gujarat where enforcement of Indian gambling laws hasn’t always been as strict as the new DGP would like.

Illegal Gambling In Gujarat Is Big Business

Illegal gambling in Gujarat then is likely to face a bit more pressure than usual in the coming months as the new broom makes an effort to look as if it’s sweeping, so if you’re sat in a poker room in India that isn’t part of one of the few legal casino in India the best advice might be to give it a miss for a while, especially in Gujarat, and remember that cyber-crime he also mentioned probably applies to any of those websites on which you’d usually gamble, so beware of the digital footprints you leave behind.

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