New Jersey Intrastate Online Gambling Approved by the State Assembly

New Jersey Assembly votes in favor of regulated and licensed intrastate online gambling.

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The saga of American gambling laws maybe moving forward after the New Jersey Assembly approved intrastate online gambling with 48 votes in favor, 25 against, and only 3 abstentions.

Only a year ago, the state Governor Chris Christie has vetoed a similar bill, which enjoyed strong support in both Assembly and Senate. This time around, Senator Ray Lesniak was the driving force behind the bill, which features several amendments mostly to placate the governor. The new American online casino legislation is now awaiting Senate’s consideration.

One of the most interesting amendments to the bill included provision to allow out-of-state gamers to enjoy gambling offers in New Jersey in case a federal legislation sanctions it.

Vincent Prieto, Democratic Party Assemblyman, commented during the Assembly debate: “Most everything else has migrated to the Internet and taken advantage of the consumer and revenue options it offers, and New Jersey’s gaming industry should be no different.”

He went on to add: “This is a carefully crafted bill designed to ensure Internet gaming on casino games is offered the right way. It’s a much-needed competitive step forward for our casinos that could also raise more revenue to benefit senior and disabled citizens.”

Ruben Ramos, also a Democratic Assemblyman, has told American gambling news: “The Internet has long been a reality, and Internet gaming in New Jersey should now be reality too. We have to move aggressively and thoughtfully to position our gaming industry to succeed, and this is another step toward that goal. It will mean economic growth and job creation for our state.”

Sources close to the Assembly indicate that under the bill’s provisions, all equipment needed to operate internet gaming would be confined to Atlantic City.

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