New Site for Betting on Share Movements

Betting on share movements

As stock-market screening is going mainstream more and more people are willing to bet on share movements.

Several financial news outlets are reporting about an ex-bankers gambling startup, which he claims is the world’s first online share-movement betting site. An even more interesting fact is that his idea enjoys the full support of the Danish government. Sofie Ustrup, the spokeswomen of the state owned gambling body Danske Spil, said that they’re “highly committed to following new trends in the gaming market” and Jeff Saul’s game has potential. So how come the full support? “Regular people in Denmark are now starting to pay attention to the stock market, and it has become normal, not just for experts,” answered Ustrup.

Fibetco’s new service provides betting on share movements

Jeff Saul has significant experience in finance, betting, real estate and online business. He chaired the equity research department of leading banks and stockbrokers in Denmark and the UK. Saul is the CEO and Founder of Fibetco, a Danish online gambling operator that merges finance and betting markets. On January 18, Fibetco announced its new venture, aiming to “make financial markets available for the man on the street”. The new site was named BetOnFinance, offering online betting on individual stocks.

Why now? Sauls says that the “blooming Danish stock market culture and interest in investing in the stock market [is what] makes the timing ideal.” The press release uses a simple yet interesting metaphor to describe the new game. The concept of betting on shares “is comparable to a horserace, where the horses have just been replaced with stocks.” He goes even further, stating that “user surveys show that the concept is more fun and interesting than sports betting.” Fibetco confirmed the co-operation with Danske Spil. Outside Denmark, you can try the free version of the site at

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