New Zealand Regulator Linked to Corrupt Firm

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Intralot NZ given major contract despite corruption charges against parent company’s chairman

The New Zealand Department of International Affairs has come under fire amidst a recent scandal involving a Greek gaming operator. The department allegedly signed a contract with Intralot NZ, a local subsidiary of Greek Intralot. The scandal stems from the fact that Intralot chairman Socrates Kokkalis has been charged with bribery and corruption.

Intralot NZ had signed a contract to supply an electronic gaming system for the country’s gaming machines, which are legal according to New Zealand gambling laws.

Corrupt gaming operator hired to regulate industry?

What is truly surprising about the incident is that Intralot NZ has also signed a contract to regulate part of the country’s gaming industry. It would make New Zealand the only country in the world to be regulated by Intralot, which specializes in gaming operation and casino management software.

Intralot provides services to casinos and online sportsbooks in Greece as well as numerous other countries. The Department recently issued a report with the following statement about Intralot:

“In light of the questionable background of certain key executives of Intralot and its parent corporation, numerous criminal indictments brought against them for alleged money laundering, fraud, embezzlement, bribery, misleading investors and espionage, coupled with Intralot’s loss of licences in Bulgaria and South Africa.”

Given the apparent rottenness of this company, one has to wonder why the Department of International Affairs hired it at all, let alone to regulate its domestic gaming industry.

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