The Next Australian Labor Party Leader Betting Odds Favor Anthony Albanese

  • The Labors might have a new leader soon, as Bill Shorten might not survive the next elections
  • Anthony Albanese is the favorite to take the role
  • The next Australian Labor Party leader betting odds show that Tanya Plibersek and Chris Bowen also have a chance
Next Australian Labor Party Leader Betting Odds Anthony Albanese
The odds might favor him, but that doesn't mean he won already...

The Australian federal elections are expected to take place on May 18. Voters will elect half of the Senate and, with the results, uncertainties on the parties’ future will arise. Our next Australian Labor Party leader betting odds indicate that the popular Anthony Albanese is likely to succeed Bill Shorten.  

The current leader of the Labor party is the least popular leader of the opposition since Newspoll began in 1985. However, the Labor party is ahead in the polls on the federal elections. But a lot can still happen. Recently, they lost in New South Wales, allowing Coalition to start a third term. The results were a surprise, as the Labor party was leading the polls. This is why the elections in May can have an unexpected turn. And as online sportsbook news sites in Australia report, certain policies are gathering some criticism from other parties, mainly due to their unclarity and high costs. This might have a negative effect on the campaign. And things might not go as planned and new elections for the party’s leadership may occur. This is why below there are our top-3 candidates to take the role.

# Candidate Odds
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Next Australian Labor Party Leader betting odds:
#1 Anthony Albanese 1.50
#2 Tanya Plibersek 3.00
#3 Chris Bowen 6.00

Anthony Albanese to be the next leader of the Labor party

Anthony Albanese has years of experience in politics. He is currently serving as a Member of Parliament for Grayndler, a seat that he has held since 1996. During Kevin Rudd’s term, he was briefly Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and served as Prime-Minister and Cabinet Minister.

Anthony Albanese is an important outspoken about indigenous’s rights as citizens. Throughout his life, he has also campaigned for many other progressive causes, which allows him to engage and benefit from the electorate outside of his party.

After the 2013 elections, Bill Shorten defeated him in the ALP’s leadership elections. However, unlike Shorten, there is a consensus among the MPs that the leader of the left faction is the “People’s Choice

If the party actually faces the unexpected in the next elections, Albanese’s chances will certainly increase. At 22BET Sportsbook, his odds (1.50) are high and he might easily become the next Labor leader.

Tanya Plibersek has built a curriculum that places her well on the race

Tanya Plibersek is currently the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. She is also the Shadow Minister for Education and Training and Shadow Minister for Women and that is an MP for Sydney since 1998.

As a spokeswoman on education, she is one of the most important people in the party. Lately, Plibersek has highlighted the commitment that the Labor government will have on funding schools with facilities for disables and developing the work done in universities. Regarding the latter, she already made a strong impact in allowing more students to have a higher education. Additionally, she has been trying to higher the standards of teaching.

Next Australian Labor Party Leader Betting Odds Tanya Plinersek
Tanya Plibersek hopes to win!

She was also one of the responsible people on social housing, helping to establish the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

In this way, the member of the left faction of the party has been a leading figure in the social development of Australia, reason why she benefits from popularity among voters. Her odds of becoming the next leader are 3.00 at online sportsbook sites in Australia.

Chris Bowen has good chances at the next Australian Labor Party leader betting odds

Chris Bowen is also a possibility for the position. More conservative than the above, he stands on right faction but has a long history within the party. He is currently the Shadow Treasurer and MP for McMahon.

Bowen has briefly been the leader of the opposition after the resignation of Kevin Rudd, following his defeat at the 2013 elections. At the time, he didn’t run in the leadership elections. However, now, things can change.

He has been essential in improving the superannuation system and protecting lower earners with tax plans that fit better their incomes.

As an important figure, and despite showing little interest in the leadership, the party might need him to lead in the next elections. His odds are 6.00 at 22BET Sportsbook.

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