Next Country To Invoke Article 50 Betting Odds: Who Might Be Next?

  • Signs of post Brexit economic success for Britain could be a key factor in deciding the fate of the EU
  • Next country to invoke Article 50 betting odds indicate that the EU losing more member states can't be ruled out
  • Italy and Greece considered most likely to be next to go
Next Country To Invoke Article 50 Betting Odds

Many Britons see themselves as finally free from the yoke of the European Union in the aftermath of Brexit. The historic vote could mark the beginning of the end for the European Union, should another key member state choose to leave. Next country to invoke Article 50 betting odds considers which countries may follow suit.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who was one of the main driving forces behind Brexit, predicts the bloc will collapse altogether within 10 years. He views the UK departure as a hammer blow to the EU. Another former Brexit party MEP, Martin Daubney, has said that eurosceptics from other member states are watching what happens next very closely. He believes that evidence of a post Brexit success in Britain could cause a domino effect, as other member states decide to follow suit. He added: “We’re the first to go, we’re not the last.”

Evidence of post-Brexit financial success for Britain could be a key factor

Predictions that the E.U could break apart altogether might seem a little unrealistic to some. Firstly, countries wishing to leave must vote to hold a referendum. Also, most people assume the UK will suffer serious economic setbacks after Brexit. But if it recovers quickly, some Europeans might conclude an exit would be better for them too – and next country to invoke Article 50 betting odds show a clear favourite.

Former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has tweeted: “Boris will do everything to make #Brexit a success. If I were a European leader, I would immediately worry about giving new impetus to EU project. Brussels must move on now: ideas, dreams, soul. It’s time.” Indeed, Boris Johnson’s own position as Prime Minister was strengthened following his Brexit stance at the last general election in December 2019. You can read more here about Brexit Means It’s Time To Bet On Boris Johnson’s Successor. Things are complicated for the EU. It doesn’t want Brexit to be a disaster, as half of all UK trade is with the EU, and 15 percent of their trade is with the UK. But if the UK prospers it will signal to countries like Italy and Spain that it might be better outside the club than in. So which countries, if any, are most likely to leave next?

Next Country To Invoke Article 50 Betting Odds
Bye-bye EU!

Next country to invoke Article 50 betting odds: Italy named favourite

Various online gambling sites in Hungary will give you odds on which countries are most likely to follow in the footsteps of Brexit, so if you are looking to place a bet, check them out. Odds at DoubleBet sportsbook for example, clearly show Italy as favourite, at 4.0. A recent poll showed that up to 40 percent of Italians support quitting the union. Greece is second favourite at 7.0, with a possible ‘Grexit’ having been on the cards for some years now. Around 35 percent of the population have expressed a desire to leave the EU.

If you would like to bet on more of a longshot, Hungary, Poland or Spain all have odds of 15.0. A recent poll by the Pew research centre showed that 65 percent of Spaniards would at least welcome a referendum, although support for an actual exit is less certain. And if you want a better idea of how the odds have been changing since Brexit became a reality, check out Next Country To Leave The EU Betting Predictions: Greece, Italy, And Hungary May Follow The UK.

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