Next EU Exit Odds: Bet on the Country Most Likely to Leave Next


Posted: July 27, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

Common sense would suggest cooperation and unity against destructive forces. But common sense might be too romantic of a concept for some. Below, we are serving you the next EU exit odds with some cold hard facts on the side. Help yourself to a few!

Grexit Odds – Greece to leave the EU

Next EU Exit Odds:


Greece is among the top three most eurosceptic countries in the EU. “[…] We would say that we’re seeing the emergence of an intense and potentially-threatening euroskepticism, which challenges Greece’s place in the European Union,” concluded Nikos Marantzidis in his survey for diaNEOsis. Since 2015, there was an 8,8% increase in the number of citizens who think negatively of Greece’s EU membership.

(source: What Greeks Believe in 2017 by diaNEOsis)

Italexit Odds – Italy to leave the EU

Next EU Exit Odds:


According to Ipsos, the “theme of economic growth and revising the austerity policies, along with deep disapproval of Europe’s policy in relation to the migrant emergency are at the centre of Italians’ criticisms” of the European Union. Confidence in the EU shrunk from 73% (2010) to only 40% (2016). According to Italian news sources, disillusion is growing in all layers of society.

(source: How Italy fell out of love with the EU by the Financial Times)

Swexit Odds – Sweden to leave the EU

Next EU Exit Odds:


Though Brexit was bad news for the whole world, it was especially sobering for Denmark Netherlands, and Sweden, as the United Kingdom was considered their strongest ally in the EU Council. At the beginning of 2017, 31% of Swedes polled by YouGov were pro Swexit, and 48% against it.

(source: YouGov)

Czexit Odds – Czech Republic to leave the EU

Next EU Exit Odds:


CVVM Institute’s survey in April 2017, showed that the satisfaction with their membership was down by 7%, compared to 2017 (32% to 25%.) Czech President, Milos Zeman has been highly critical of the EU’s quota system regarding the migrants from Africa and the Middle East. Zeman calls his opposition “Prague Cafe Society.”

(sorce: Euroscepticism in the Czech Republic)

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