Next Irish Green Party Leader Odds


Posted: June 26, 2020

Updated: June 26, 2020

  • Will recent mistakes affect Eamon Ryan’s Campaign?
  • Cathrine Martin decides to run for leadership after serious considerations
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The Next Irish Green Party leader odds are out after Cathrine Martin confirmed she will run against Eamon Ryan. With the 2020 General Election happening in February, Green Party rules state the leadership position should be opened within six months of the elections. So, where does each candidate stand? And what are the winning odds for both of them?

Eamon Ryan Could Be in Trouble

Eamon Ryan has been in the position of leadership for the Green Party for the past nine years. He was elected for this position in 2011 which is the same year Cathrine Martin took on the role of deputy leader. On the Green Party website, Ryan put forward his priorities as a leader. Some of his priorities include radical and innovative solutions, comprehensively representing the Green Party and its members, and making Dublin one most sustainable, social, and creative cities in the world. Although Ryan has the support of many members in the party, he could be in trouble in the upcoming elections, according to online gambling news in Ireland. The current party leader was criticized for his choice of words while giving a speech about anti-racism in the Dáil Éireann.

After causing controversy, he later apologized for his choice of word by stating “In quoting from an article I read this morning, I repeated a racial slur, and I was completely wrong to do so. I want to apologize for any hurt caused. I know this particular word should never be used.” However, the backlash of this incident is still evident as some of the party members expressed that there might be a need for a change in leadership. In the next Irish Green Party leader odds, online gambling sites in Ireland have place Ryan as a favorite. On 1xBet, betting odds for him to retain his position as the party leader are 1.33.

Next Irish Green Party Leader Odds For Cathrine Martin 

Next Irish Green Party Leader Odds
Catherine Martin Houses of the Oireachtas / CC BY

After much consideration, Deputy Leader Cathrine Martin announced that she will be running for the Green Party leadership position. In an e-mail replying to other party members who urged her to run, Cathrine wrote “After careful consideration, I have decided to accept your nomination and allow my name go forward as a candidate to contest the party’s leadership election”. The minimum requirement for a member to run for the leadership position is to get 50 nominations. However, Cathrine got around 200 nominations from supporting members which is well above the minimum requirement. With government formation talks still going on, the current deputy leader expressed that she will not be campaigning for elections. She said that campaigning starts when negotiations for Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael conclude.

On the Green Party website, Ms. Martin stated some of her main priorities. Those priorities include Investment in housing, health, and wellbeing, prioritizing climate issues and solutions, and aiming for true equality. Also, she emphasizes creating jobs in an innovative green economy which attracts the support of many members. The next Irish Green Party leader odds on 1xBet for Cathrine Martin to win are 3.0.

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