Next Liberal Democrat Leader Betting Tips

  • Laylan Moran could make history
  • Ed Davey to try his luck again
  • Daisy Cooper, Wera Hobhouse, Christine Jardine are also running
Next Liberal Democrat Leader Betting Tips
Layla Moran – Image source: Layla Moran / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

The next Liberal Democrat leader betting tips indicate that history will be made. Layla Moran, who is originally Palestinian, is the front runner so far ahead of everyone else. After Swinson lost her seat in the General election, elections for the new leader will take place in August of 2020. So, who are the top candidates to win?

Layla Moran Could Be the First Leader With Palestinian Roots

In 2017, Layla Moran worked as a member of Parliament. Moran won the Oxford West and Abingdon seat by defeating Tories. Also, she won again back in December of last year’s General Election. Leaving her teaching career behind, Moran currently works as the Liberal Democrats spokesperson on an array of subjects including culture, media, and sports. Earlier of this year, Moran headlined news outlets and articles by identifying herself as a pansexual. Also, she announced that she is currently in a relationship with Rosy Cobb who was the Party’s press officer.

With Palestinian roots, Moran was involved and interested in politics from a young age. In an interview, she expressed “My Palestinian background has made me interested at a global level. Politics was always at the dinner table, it primed me to engage”. She is an advocate for better education and better funding for schools and educational institutes. Online gambling sites in the UK have placed her as the favorite in the next Liberal Democrat leader betting odds. For instance, odds of her winning the leadership position on 1xBET are 1.73.

Ed Davey Runs Again

Ed Davey had a very strong campaign in the previous leadership elections but narrowly fell short against Jo Swinson. He currently serves as the deputy leader of the Party. Davey identifies himself as a classic liberal. In a recent interview, he said “I personally think liberalism is the strongest political philosophy in the modern world. Socialism has failed. I think even social democracy… is not very convincing, and I don’t really understand where the Conservatives are coming from”. He also supports the “free market” ideology which encourages privatization, deregulation, and the private sector. Davey is an experienced politician as he served as a member of parliament MP for the London constituency of Kingston and Surbiton from 1997 and 2015. As an award for his efforts, he was knighted in 2016 for his political and public service. The Next Liberal Democrat Leader betting odds for Davey to win are 2.

Next Liberal Democrat Leader Betting Tips
Ed Davey – Image source: Flickr

Daisy Cooper Strong Breakthrough

Daisy Cooper is a Liberal Democrat member of Parliament who recently won in the previous elections. Cooper identifies herself as a person with big ambitions. In the previous leadership elections, Cooper took the responsibility of running Swinson’s campaign. After that, she ran for the previous elections and became the first Liberal Democrat member of parliament for St Albans. For her efforts, current leader Swinson praised Cooper by saying she is “one to watch” and expects her to become one of the most successful politicians out there. Earlier in her career, Cooper worked as the advisor for the Hacked off the campaign and the Voluntary Service Overseas charity. Bookies have placed her in third place for the upcoming next Liberal Democrat leader betting odds. On 1XBET, cooper’s odds of winning the leadership position are 11.

Next Liberal Democrat Leader Betting Tips: Wera Hobhouse

Wera Hobhouse is an experienced politician. She was first elected as a conservative councilor in 2004 but converted to the Liberal Democrats Party a year later. In 2017, Hobhouse became a member of Parliament after winning the Bath constituency. Born In Germany, Wera has previously expressed her concerns of how the media portrays her as a foreigner by calling her “The German-born”. Regarding this issue, she said, “I need to have that discussion of whether being a first-generation immigrant is standing in the way of the Liberal Democrats fighting prejudice and anti-foreigner sentiment.” Regardless of this issue, Wera Hobhouse is fourth in the bookies’ next Liberal Democrat leader betting odds. On 1XBET, her odds of winning the leadership position are 26. Will her place birth negatively affect her campaign? We will find out soon.

Next Liberal Democrat Leader Betting Tips: Christine Jardine

Christine Jardine has been a member of parliament for the Liberal Democrats since 2017. Although her campaign was hit by the death of her husband, Jardine showed strength and courage to continue running and winning. Also, in 2019, Jardine became the Liberal Democrats spokesperson regarding home affairs and women equalities. Earlier in her career, she worked as a journalist the BBC news and was a press association editor. Also, she ran for the party’s presidential elections a year ago only to lose to Mark Pack. In her campaign for the next Liberal Democrat Leadership position, Jardine said that the party should be open and diverse. Betting odds for her to win the position are 34 on 1xBET.

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