Top Favorites to Replace Mourinho As Per Next Tottenham Manager Odds

  • Nagelsmann deserves to be the massive favorite
  • Rodgers has been impressive this season
  • Allegri has been linked to numerous clubs but remains unemployed

Tottenham’s Jose Mourinho is under pressure after being eliminated from the Europa League. If he fails to get Tottenham back to the top five in the Premier League, there will be no other option than to leave the club. Thus, we look at the potential candidates to take over should Mourinho be forced to step down. According to the next Tottenham manager odds, Nagelsmann, Rodgers, Parker, Allegri, and Simone are likely on the shortlist.

It was a complete humiliation to Mourinho when his team was knocked off by Dinamo Zagreb in the last-16 of the Europa League. Although he tried to escape blame by publicly criticizing his players’ attitude, it only exacerbated the crisis. What is more, online sportsbook new sites in the United Kingdom expect Tottenham to stay outside of the top five in Premier League. Thus, Tottenham will fail to join the Champions League next season.

Does this mean Mourinho is getting closer to the exit door? It is possible, and you can now bet on Mourinho to be sacked next in the Premier League. But what about his successor, is there a particular candidate in mind of the chairman Daniel Levy? If there is, it will likely stay behind closed doors for some time. Thus, we can look at the long list of names at the next Tottenham manager odds and see among the favorites who would likely fit.

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Mourinho – Steffen Prößdorf, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nagelsmann rightfully leads the next Tottenham manager odds

The young head coach of RB Leipzig Julian Nagelsmann sits on top of the next Tottenham manager odds with a 6 value, according to BetVictor. There are several factors playing into that. First, he is one of the highest-rated managers in Europe. He deserves the credit for Leipzig’s reach to the semi-finals of the Champions League last year. What is more, Nagelsmann is steering the team right now to second place in the Bundesliga.

The second important factor is his style of play. Nagelsmann likes the aggressive style with an interest in high pressure. He also focuses on the possession-based style of play. That certainly suits Tottenham. Therefore, he will likely receive an offer. But, it is unclear if he is interested to leave Leipzig and move to a completely different league.

Rodgers is admired by Tottenham’s chairman

The second biggest option is Leicester’s Brendan Rodgers with 9 odds. Rodgers has been impressive this season. His team will likely remain and finish third in the Premier League. Of course, this is not his first big success. Rodgers kept Celtic on top of the Scottish Premiership for the entire time of his leadership there.

The one thing that many spectators agree about, is that Levy is a big admirer of Rodgers. So, that can facilitate his move to Tottenham. However, Rodgers similarly to Nagelsmann is enjoying a great time at his club, which means he might not feel yet he needs to make such a change.

Parker has a good history with Tottenham

Scott Parker – Wikipédia
Scott Parker –, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

Several online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom suggest Scott Parker is also a big favorite with 11 odds. It is mostly due to his strong relationship with Tottenham from his days as a player at the club between 2011 and 2013. He is currently the manager of Fulham, where he did everything possible to keep the team in the top flight.

However Fulham will likely drop to the Championship next season, and that will hurt Parker’s reputation. It is hard to see a manager leaving his team due to relegation, going to a team that aspires to be among the top four in the Premier League. Besides, Parker has only two years of experience in management. So, he will unlikely be among the top favorites if any one of the big names agrees on the job.

Allegri has been linked to numerous clubs

The former manager of Juventus has been on the shortlist of almost every top European club looking for a manager in the past two years. However, he remains unemployed since leaving Juventus in 2019. It is difficult to say why Allegri chose to take such a long break. But, if he wishes to get back to work then Tottenham seems a big deal and his odds are 11.

Simone also shortlisted at the next Tottenham manager odds

Atletico’s Diego Simone (11) is another big name that pops up regularly when discussing potential managers to take on top clubs in the Premier League. He has so many achievements on his belt. The latest seems to be winning La Liga this year. Simone won it once before, he also won two Europa League titles, and reached the Champions League final twice.

However, his style of play does not suit the Premier League a lot. Besides, he has been for almost ten years with Atletico. So, it seems he had no plans before and maybe even in the near future to leave the club.

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