North Korean Communists Looking to Create Asian Las Vegas

Opening to gambling in North Korea is under Communist deliberation as the hermit nation starves for hard currency.

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As with most Asian countries restricting access to gambling to their casino money hungry citizens, South Korea isn’t any different. Casino gambling in the country is very heavily regulated, and South Korean gambling laws related to online casinos, deny operators access to the local market.

Meanwhile, a hard core Communist, now deceased Kim Jong Il, has been rumored for his love of gambling. As reported by a North Korean run-away dissident, once close to the great leader himself, Kim always dreamt of creating a new Macau in the hermit nation. Nonetheless, the fear of further ridicule prevented the man from pursuing his long time passion in the open.

Now, it is rumored that his successor and son, and the first North Korean playboy, Kim Yong Un, has been in talks regarding creating a Las Vegas-style city near South Korean border in order to attract badly needed foreign currency. It is not known how far the dream has progressed, but it is alleged that the young leader will wait until a couple of old generals die to proceed without rebellion.

It is also rumored that under the deal, no North Korean citizen, with the exception of those in the inner circle, would be allowed to approach or work in the casino. The leader has been looking for potential candidates in Cuba and Myanmar.

Online gambling crackdown south of the border

What gives firepower to this crazy communist dream is the fact that any operation of online sportsbooks in South Korea is prohibited. This has given rise to illegal sports betting and game fixing.

As reported by online gambling news in South Korea, four people have been arrested over volleyball match-fixing after the promise of South Korean government to hunt and eradicate any attempts made at illegal gambling within the country’s borders.

In fact, match-fixing isn’t new to South Korea. Last year, 50 people were arrested for football game fixing. The unfortunate news is that citizens looking to wager will turn to illegal methods in order to have some fun. Only loosening the restrictive laws will prevent the underground betting.

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