Norwegian Nyland A Sure Bet To Move Abroad

Orjan Nyland in national team

With the transfer window looming Orjan Nyland finds himself a wanted man as over a dozen teams are linked with signing him

There is an exceptionally old joke, stemming from the days when Westerns were all the rage, that states the difference between Outlaws, those whose faces often featured above a reward on badly printed posters in those movies, and your Inlaws, the family of your spouse, is that Outlaws are wanted. Whilst jokes at your inlaw’s expense, and indeed Westerns, are both now terribly unfashionable, being wanted never goes out of style as Norwegian goalkeeper Orjan Haskjold Nyland could probably confirm.

Wanted: Orjan Haskjold Nyland

• Norwegian goalie sought
• 15 teams want to sign him
• Summer transfer abroad certain

European football is, at present, completely awash with transfer rumors as teams set their sights on various acquisitions summer gambling news of their signing will give fans and the team more hope of a better result in their respective leagues next year. Man City are said to be interested in Paul Pogba for their midfield and are willing to pay a sizeable amount to get him, Thomas Muller has said things about Manchester United’s manager that have set suspicions afoot, and Karim Benzema is up for grabs if you can afford the 40 million quid Real Madrid want for him.

As agents and managers wrangle out the deals that will see team compositions change over the summer, and sports journalists try desperately to sort out rumored-fact from rumored-fiction (with often hilariously wayward results) it would seem the “must-have-player” this time round is a new goal keeper with a lot of big name teams looking for either a first choice or second string goalie to supplement their line up come the start of next season. Orjan Haskjold Nyland is perhaps just the most popular choice.

UEFA Under-21 Finals In Israel Herald His Arrival

Orjan Nyland champion
The 24 year old Norwegian from Volda had a colorful sporting youth with the regional favorites of alpine skiing and handball vying alongside football for his attention. Perhaps thankfully for those that like to bet on sports in Norway, it was the latter of the three that he took up as a profession. After playing for local sides Mork IL and Volda TI he joined Hodd in 2007. The unglamorous life of a third choice goalie didn’t deter him and although it would take three years, he eventually became their first pick keeper.

Two years after that he was making match winning saves for Hodd in the 2012 Norwegian Football Cup Final, earning both his team their first cup title, and himself man of the match, in a game against Tromso that went to a penalty shootout. After five years with Hodd he eventually moved to Molde, league champions, with whom he’d had a successful trial (as he also had at Rosenberg and Everton of all places) and his success at the team has been manifest with him being their first choice to keep goal.

In that first 2013 season Molde won the Norwegian Cup with his help, and the following year grabbed a domestic double with both cup and league to their name. Obviously such talent is never overlooked by national selectors and his international experience dates back to Under-16 appearances for his country. It was perhaps the European Under-21 Championship finals of 2013 that got people’s attention where he beat out Manchester United’s David De Gea to the Goalkeeper Of The Tournament award.

Move From Molde More Than A Maybe

Orjan Nyland workout
The speculation about his transfer this summer is so widespread that it seems almost a foregone conclusion that the best young goalie in Norway is about to move abroad. One of the reasons it is quite so widespread is the sheer number of teams that have been linked with him. There are always rival bids for new talent, but Nyland is quite literally Europe’s most wanted keeper as no fewer than fifteen different teams have expressed an interest in signing the young man from Norway. But who is likely to get him to sign on the dotted line?

Molde still have him on contract till 2018 but sensibly there is a 2.3 million GBP buyout clause written in giving him some leeway in choices, especially with such big names looking to snap him up. This means that when he said he wanted to play for one of the top four leagues in Europe, he was probably not being picky enough, something his agent will surely put him straight on. In the UK alone Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton, Hull and Celtic are all said to be after him, and other offers are almost certainly on the table.

His eventual choice will probably depend on the competition for a place on the team he’ll face when he arrives, in his prime he’s unlikely to want to play second fiddle to anyone, so perhaps it’ll be Newcastle that gets him in the end. Naturally whomever eventually signs Nyland you’ll be able to back them at ComeOn! Sportsbook who always have the best and most up to date odds on football around the world and even Norwegian gambling laws are unlikely to deter his countrymen backing Orjan as he climbs to the top of the European goalkeeping pile.

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