Not Only The Good Win The Lottery, Thankfully

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Win The Lottery

Amusingly they call them progressive jackpot lotteries, which these days makes them sound woke. However as the numerous unworthy winners of the lottery in the UK prove, there’s no liberal bias. There’s no bias of any sort. Lotteries are the most level playing fields in gambling. So whilst that does mean that ghastly people can win the lottery, don’t get upset. It also means you don’t have to worry about your own minor transgressions when attempting to win yourself.

We vaguely believe that karma is probably a thing. You do good stuff, and good stuff will happen to you. Sounds great. Why shouldn’t we at least hope such things are true? You know. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. It’s a comforting thought. That fortune should favor those who behave favorably seems fair enough, doesn’t it? Just a shame it’s not really true. Sadly, if you are lucky enough to win the lottery it doesn’t automatically follow that you’re a nice person.

There is, the famous misquote goes, no justice, there’s just us. We thus can’t hope that only the good will win and the bad lose. Bad guys win all the time. Just watch the news for a while and you’ll notice. So sometimes they’re going to win the lottery. This frequently appears to occur more often than it should. However, this is just because when these objectionable characters, people even the best lotto jackpot reviews would term “scum”, win, we hear lots about it.    

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The moral outrage of the British tabloid press is legend. Despite having all the scruples and morals of a hungry tiger in a school playground at lunchtime, they feel themselves guardians of the ethics by which all others should live. The hypocrisy reeks. Thus when people they deem unsuitable win the lottery, the red tops in the UK howl about it. Of course, sometimes the people really are horrible, but does that make them undeserving of random good fortune? Should it?

“I’ve spent £1.2 million on drugs.”

  • Michael Carroll – Lottery Winner Who Lost The Lot

Much as convicted rapists, chavvy sex addicts and heroin junkies don’t seem deserving, who amongst us is? When we look for the best lottery to play in the UK, do we factor ourselves into that scale? Where do we draw the line? The whole point of a lottery is there are no lines. No bias, no favoritism. Demon or angel your chances are the same. This is not only just as it should be, but just as it has to be or we, imperfect beings that we are, wouldn’t stand a cat’s chance in hell.

Win The Lottery
Many winners must face their addictions


You Won’t Lose Yourself If You Win The Lottery 

Sure, it’s nice to watch the bad come to an ugly end despite someone handing them riches. Can we be certain, however, we wouldn’t share the same fate? Lots of people win the lottery and talk of their modest plans and personal treats. Money changes people just as often as it doesn’t. You might not think winning millions absolves you of crimes, but it can help you commit some. With great riches comes great temptation. So is there a danger you could become just as objectionable?

“But my family are really upset about everything that’s happened.” 

  • Nina Hughes – Lottery Winner & Heroin Dealer

Definitely. In the same way aliens might invade or zombies will rise from the grave, it’s possible. Anything is. However, if you do hit one of the best lottery jackpots at Lotto Agent, chances are you’ll not dive into a world of depravity. No more so than any of the horrible winners we’ve seen suddenly became saints. So, it’s lucky for us that a lottery is completely without judgment. We don’t need to worry if we deserve to win or not, all we have to do is log on and participate. 

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We take a look at why you don’t have to be an angel to win the lottery and being a demon won’t stop you either.

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