Novelty Wager For The Weekend? Khan Over Goldsmith In London.

London Mayoral Election betting

It’s a battle of the backgrounds in the London Mayoral Election, but if politics is never more than a novelty wager the ease with which you can call this one makes it a surefire easy way to win.

Novelty Mayor Wagers
• Mayor of London
• Sadiq Khan 4/7
• Zac Goldsmith 11/8

Whilst on the other side of the Atlantic all eyes are on the opening battlegrounds of Iowa and New Hampshire, and people try to make up their mind between Trump, Rubio or Cruz on one hand and Sanders or Clinton on the other, on this side of the pond the politically savvy, and those who like a novelty wager on politics from time to time are eying the up-coming battle for London’s next Mayor.

The choice between the two candidates couldn’t be starker, and with a short history that has swung both ways this is going to be a straight out fight between a Conservative who inherited around 250 million pounds when daddy died, and a Labour candidate whose father was a bus driver. Steven Moffat couldn’t have made it up, it’s the perfect match up, but just which of them should you back under the extremely lax UK gambling laws? Just who will win this proxy class war?

Zac Goldsmith inherited smooth good looks of the house-wife’s-heart-throb variety to go with his father’s money, and has represented the leafy well-to-do suburb of Richmond since winning an election campaign dogged by accusations of fiscal irregularities. A worthy replacement for the mop topped moron that is Boris Johnson, Zac is Mr. Smooth, and precisely the sort of person most Londoner’s dislike, something his campaign staff seem to have singularly failed to mention.

The Novelty Wager On The Class War

As novelty wager fodder watching this one man charm-machine slowly lose to a working class hero from a council estate in South London will fill you with warmth as no end of suave sound-bites completely fails to win over the capital’s cynical residents. You can get 11/8 on Goldsmith at Bet365, but frankly you’re probably better off, barring horrific incident, gambling news headlines on May 6th are screaming the name of his opponent, Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan is a true Londoner and it shows. The whole poor-boy-come-good narrative works well in his favor as does his sense of humor which, whilst not so smooth as to be cringe-worthy like Zac, has made him quietly sneak around his Conservative rival and the polls have show him stretching out his lead. Improving from just 26% vs Zac’s 24% in November, he’s now getting 31% vs Zac’s 24%, pretty much all of the 37% of voters that made their mind up in that time plumping for Khan.

This explains why he’s getting 4/7 from the bookies, and why you should back him before they shorten further. Sure, there’s a long way to go till the start of May and anything could happen, Zac Goldsmith is known to fight dirty behind the scenes, and no boy that grew up on a council estate is afraid of a fight, so this could get nasty, but right now if you like to bet on sports in the UK a novelty wager on Sadiq Khan to be the next London Mayor at Bet365 looks a really easy way to boost your bank roll, and it’s got to be better than backing Aston Villa in the Premier League (another novelty wager these days).

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