Now You Can Bet On US Politics Spiraling Into The Midterms

  • Seemingly beyond the point of no return, you can now bet on US politics to become even more mercenary and adversarial ahead of the midterms.
  • Bovada Has All You Will Need To Bet On US Politics
  • Republicans Might Regain Senate Control In Midterms
Bet On US politics
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You can bet on the US Midterms making the last election look like a picnic. So we expect it to get dirty fast. Just how far can you bet on politics in the US to slide into the abyss?  Well, you could always bet on US politics to involve a certain amount of mercenary activity. But, this time? With Bovada and other bookies offering the shortest odds on Donald Trump in 2024? The Democrats are facing an apocalypse at the polls and might have to make a very deep impact.

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“Don’t Look Up” satirizes the Trump presidency, our attitudes to science and modern day social media driven celebrity. Amusingly, it does so with all the subtlety of a mortar barrage on an orphanage. It has a message and stops at nothing to underline it a few thousand times. At a glance, however, it appears a little late. As if we could have bet on US politics poisoning the nation as it has and made this movie four, five or even six years ago. It seems so obvious now.

Unfortunately, however, the movie is not late to the party, the party is still in full swing, and it’s a swing to the right. Donald Trump may have lost the last election, but he seems likely to make up for that by winning the next. Well. Unless he’s in jail. Alas online betting sites in the US like Bovada won’t give you odds on Donald Trump getting incarcerated. They will however give you odds on the Midterms which, in terms of a bet on US politics, amounts to about the same thing.    

Odds On The 2024 US Presidential Election

  • Mike Pence – 25/1
  • Pete Buttigieg – 20/1
  • Nikki Haley – 20/1
  • Ron DeSantis – 8/1
  • Kamala Harris – 7/1
  • Joe Biden – 9/2
  • Donald Trump – 3/1

Grab Your Bet On US Politics At Bovada

If the Republicans win the Midterms, all the political investigations into Trump will cease. Sure, there will be a few law suits still on going, but he will have dodged the biggest bullets. So he’ll have a clear run at the 2024 Presidential Election. Online bookies in the US like Bovada appear to think that’s the most likely option. After all, if you go to bet on US politics you’ll find he’s favorite to be President in 2025. That’s alarming, if only for the tale of partisan politics it tells. 

2022 Midterm Senate Odds

  • Republicans Over 50 Seats – 4/11
  • Republicans Exactly 50 Seats – 7/2
  • Republicans Less Than 50 Seats – 11/2

You’d not have bet on the Republicans to double down on Trump but they have. They were so embarrassed to have supported him in the first place they failed to distance themselves from him. Now they’re stuck with him. That’s why you can get shorter Donald Trump odds for your bet on US politics than on any other Republican hopeful. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada know that behind the scenes Trump is still at work. He’s just preparing for next time. 

Bet On US politics

Donald Trump May Yet Ride Again

Naturally, you can bet on Democrats to avoid pointing at “Don’t Look Up” and making the all-too-obvious comparisons. They’re not that silly. However, they are fighting what appears a losing battle. So who knows. The Republicans get 4/11 to take back control of the Senate, and 1/5 for a majority in the House of Representatives. It appears the if the Democrats want to win they’re going to have to bet on US politics coming to its senses. And of this there is no sign whatsoever.

2022 Midterm House Odds

  • Republican Majority – 1/5
  • Democrat Majority – 9/2
  • No Majority – 66/1

Those odds on the Republicans then, so much shorter than the odds on the Democrats, suggest that rather than a satire of the past “Don’t Look Up” could be a prediction of what’s yet to come. In which case you can bet on US politics and win. Just bet on Donald Trump, and don’t bet on Joe Biden. Simples. Of course anyone in the US gambling laws of normal probability still apply to any bet on politics in the US walking a very high wire indeed. Just don’t look down, okay?

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We take a look at why you can bet on US politics to turn into a horror movie as the fight over the midterms starts to take shape.

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