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Posted: January 1, 2022

Updated: January 1, 2022

  • What is the truth behind the lucky number?
  • Is number 7 truly luckier than other numbers?
  • The meaning of the Number 7 in gambling

We all dream about visiting the online casino sites in the US, only to find to play a game and see three number 7-s lined up next to each other. But why is number 7 the number picked by these casino sites to be the representation of the highest form of winning? Is there a meaning behind number 7 in gambling? Perhaps those who are fans of the mystics are already thinking of magical theories, or those who prefer science and mathematics are already concluding. We collected everything about Number 7 in Gambling. This article is dedicated for the luckiest symbol in gambling.

Number 7 in Gambling & Psychology

Number 7 was not invented by the casinos for you to hit the jackpot. They chose this number because it represents perfection. But why do we humans associate seven with perfection? It all started in ancient Greece, however, the answer can be found in modern studies. Seven items are the capability of the human brain’s storage. This is why phone numbers are a maximum of seven digits. This was mentioned in the article of Psychologytoday about the number. If the human brain was a computer, then it would have 7 cores running at the same time. The world is in an endless cycle. And according to the research made on Kitco, number seven is a perfect number for all means of cycling data. Think of it, we have seven days a week, and it is the perfect quantity to work and refresh.

Number 7 in Gambling & Mythology

In theology, mythology, and bibliology, there are millions of mentions about the number 7. Seven deadly sins, the creation of the world. The seven wonders, the seven deities, the seven layers, etc. But why? Well, there is one simple answer to this.

Number 7 in Gambling
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

The consciousness of a being balances between intelligence and instincts. Relying on instincts comes with natural attraction. We chose this number because we felt as it is the best choice. This made us develop myths and habits. And the myths and habits of our ancestors are being passed down our genes. Lumenlearning elaborates on the behavioral inheritance by genes. Behavior affecting certain aspects of a person can generally be passed down. This means, if your grandparents worshiped the number 7 religiously, you will be attracted to the number 7, even if you are not religious.

A Few Examples

The Lotus of the Buddha has seven petals. Our rainbows are also having seven colors. And we have seven days a week. We have seven continents and between them seven seas. And of course, it is the jackpot. But is the appearance of this number organic, or it is we who notice the patterns? As much as we love mystics and synchronicity, the sad truth is that it is a psychological effect. When we are speaking of a topic, our brain will register that topic and will grow more aware of it. We have many things associated with every other number. But the possibility of power lying behind these power might be true. As long far as sequences can go, we might be able to draw true meaning from all existing numbers. Well, this is the science of numerology.

So What is The Role Of Number 7 in Gambling?

If you are looking for your lucky number in gambling, you should check out our article about it. But is it true? Technically yes. Number 7 is the number that is the fairest to predict. The fairest chance of winning and losing is by guessing a number between one and seven.

Number 7 in Gambling
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And the probability of seven appearing out of ten is truly higher than the rest of the numbers. But there is also one thing to notice about this number. If we are ignoring the mystical thinking behind numbers. We are going to notice that the true value of 7, comes from basic probability. If 7 is truly luckier, then so is 4. And that makes 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 6 the least lucky numbers in this range. With 5 and 10 being the fairest, but not the luckiest probabilities of appearing.

How to Utilize Number 7 in Gambling?

Everyone talks about the power of the number 7. But only a few realize the proper usage of this number. We give meaning to symbols and shapes, not mathematical sequences. You might want to try to look out for number 7 in a different approach. For example, the space between two numbers. if this number is really lucky, then we can conclude that in the context of numbers less than 32, the next winning number is going to be 25. Once we already won with number 7, then the next winning number should be 14 if we don’t expect a repeat. If you live with the mindset of seven representing a cycle, then you might be able to predict the cycle of cards, roulette spins, or even bingo numbers. If you are new to all of this, our website provides guides for you to learn all and any forms of gambling.

Use This Knowledge Today!

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