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Posted: March 2, 2020

Updated: March 2, 2020

  • Recently, tournaments in online casinos have become extremely popular
  • This article helps you understand their main rules

Tournaments in online casinos have been held for quite a long time. However, only recently they have become popular and in-demand among users. Moreover, their variety is often the main factor in favor of choosing one or another online casino. With their help, each gambler gets more chances to win a huge prize pool for a relatively short period and often a one-time entry fee. Thus, we decided to help you understand the main rules and make online casino tournaments explained. 

To participate in these competitions, all players go through the registration procedure. Besides, before the start of the tournament, the user must enter the account to get a certain number of credits or playing chips. And only then the game starts. As a rule, online casinos in the US provide monetary rewards for their customers. However, participants may also receive credits or bonuses depending on the tournament policies.

General information: online casino tournaments explained

First of all, they divide all online casino tournaments by games. Most often, these are slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Therefore, if you have a desire to participate in the tournament, you can always choose among your favorite games.

The number of participants can be strictly defined or allow some variation. In the second case, an online casino itself sets the minimum and the maximum number of players (which can be any). The competitions where only two people gamble against each other are called “heads-up”.

Tournaments that occur in online casinos may involve an entry fee called “buy-in”. Thus, this shows how much you have to pay to take part in the competition. Tournaments without buy-in are usually called “freerolls”. This is the best option for beginners who are not that confident in their skills.

The frequency of holding tournaments can be different. Scheduled competitions start at the allotted time, which is announced in advance. Sit’n’Go tournaments can begin at any time as soon as they reach the required number of participants.

Currently, there is a huge number of all kinds of online casino tournaments on the Internet. However, an inexperienced player may find it hard to choose one for himself. Thus, we have compiled a small list so you will have the most common varieties of online casino tournaments explained.


Main types of online casino tournaments


  • “Free Roll” – Probably the most famous type among the ones available on the net are online casino tournaments with free entry. They are called “Free Roll Competitions”. They imply free participation. It is a good chance for beginners to practice their gambling skills and win real money.
  • “Sit and Go” – While certain online casino tournaments set the time for the start of the competition, others provide a chance to play when a specific number of players gather. It is a “Sit and Go” competition. It does not establish a time limit. Thus, the tournament starts when they reach a necessary number of players.
  • “Re-Buy” – In the world of online gambling, casinos often give a second attempt to try their customer’s luck. Thus, if in the first period the participant doesn’t collect enough points to win, he can replay the competition. To obtain another opportunity the gambler has to pay the full price of the entry fee for a second time.
  • “Add One” – Some online casino tournaments provide the opportunity to extend the game process. This takes place only when the time has expired or the credits (chips) have run out. Therefore, to continue participating, the player can pay an additional fee (add one). After this, they restart your time, and the game continues.
  • “One-Shot” – The rules of this tournament in online casinos are the most honest. Here all the participants have one chance of winning (no re-buys and add ones). Each user has equal opportunities to collect points and get the main prize.
  • “Survivor” – Today, there are such tournaments, which include a couple of rounds. Participants have to win every single game stage. In the end, the lucky ones with the maximum number of prize points receive big cash rewards.

Prize pool formation

online casino tournaments explained
Tournaments can earn you some extra easily – Image source: Free Clip Art / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The prize pool of online casino tournaments can be fixed and non-fixed. In the first case, this is a predetermined amount that they divide between the winners. However, if the final size of the prize fund is non-fixed, entry fees and additional purchases of participants will fully or partially form it. As a rule, in such cases, online casinos provide a minimal fund.

Also, they can divide the prize pool of the tournament between several participants according to a predetermined scheme. Besides, there are some competitions called “feeders”. At its core, they are preliminary stages of the main part of the tournament. In addition to cash rewards, winners also receive the opportunity to take part in the finals. Now you have prize pool formation in the online casino tournaments explained.

To sum it up…

Online gambling sites in the US are carefully working to ensure that their customers do not get bored. That is why all aspects of the game process are constantly changing. Moreover, tomorrow there may be new types of tournaments, which we didn’t describe in our article. However, we tried to provide all the relevant information to make online casino tournaments explained for you.

Noticing the announcement of the online tournament, do not rush to register and start competing. Firstly, read all the rules carefully and make sure you can participate. And if you have doubts about your gambling skills, start with freerolls before paying entry fees. By the way, you can find a variety of online tournaments in CyberSpins Casino. There anyone can try their luck and fight for the huge prize pool!

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