Online Casinos in Spain are Seen as New Frontier for Internet Gambling

Posted: July 11, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

Upcoming changes to gambling regulations are bound to make Spain the latest most attractive gaming market

Industry experts agree that the scheduled changes to Spanish gambling laws may well make the country one of the most attractive gaming markets. Such an outcome could be possible since US situation is far from desirable, French and Italian tough regulations make operators’ life extremely difficult, and UK’s market has reached its maturity.

Spanish gambling is quite different from other European markets. Spaniards tend to trust land-based and online casinos in Spain run exclusively by national companies. Thus foreign based operators will face extremely difficult roads ahead of them. Spanish customers are extremely picky and will only opt for those brands that will have a local feel to them.

Foreign operators caught on to this trend and understand that simply translating their offers and using locally based customer support will not work. Moreover massive local advertising will not bring immediate results, simply because there is a small number of media firms that control search engine rankings. Expensive media campaign can only raise brand awareness, yet won’t buy a place in the search results.

Online gambling news in Spain suggest that the only feasible way to go is for leading foreign operators to enter agreements with media firms, controlling the Spanish market. This will allow operators to promptly secure the market share and traffic before smaller gaming operators flock to Spain.

Clever operators bear in mind that the whole Latin American gaming market regards Spain as the main example, meaning that once Spanish market share is secured, the operators will also secure a share in Latin America.

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