Online gambling in Pennsylvania to wait a bit more for legalization!

online gambling amendment Pennsylvania

Severe punishments are predicted for violations of the proposed amendment of the online gambling law in this American state

The efforts in Pennsylvania to legalize online gaming will probably be delayed due to a bill that sets out plans to ban the sector in this US state. Thomas Murt, representative of the State, submitted the so called ‘Banning Internet Gambling in Pennsylvania Act’ which was first unveiled in January and has so far gained four co-sponsors. If this initiative passes, as gambling news report, then it would amend the state law involving the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board which would mean absolute prohibition of internet gambling.

Not only prohibition, but jail for offences is prescribed too!

The proposed bill prescribes also different punishments for those caught offering online gaming to players in the state. They start with fines such as the up to USD 300 for a first offence, a USD 600 fine and three days in prison for second-time offenders. The most strict punishment prescribed with this initiative is the one year in jail and a fine of $2,000 for offences considered a third-degree breach.

Whether the initiative will be accepted or not will be known after the hearing organized by the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee, which is scheduled for March 28. As online gambling sites in the US stress, according to industry analyst Robert Della Fave, legalized online casinos in the state could generate a total of USD230 million in online gambling revenue even in the first year of their legalization.

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