Online Gambling: New Jersey and Florida Take Opposite Paths

Will online sports betting be allowed in New Jersey? The state governor seeks to challenge federal law.

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New Jersey is looking to bypass a federal ban on sports betting. Under American gambling laws, betting on sports online is currently illegal.

The state Governor, Chris Christie is supported by a group of congressmen looking to change the law. The state attorney general is also considering challenging the federal law on the basis that it violates U.S. Constitution.

According to United States gambling news, it is not clear if the Constitution actually gives federal authorities power over state officials on this matter.

New Jersey residents also voted in favor of being able to bet real money on sports. This is also good news for the Governor as sports betting revenues would add to state coffers while creating new jobs. All at the expense of illegal gambling outfits.

Florida to fight online gambling

Meanwhile, in a sunny Florida, Governor Rick Scott is looking to limit the ability of people to gamble online.

Many Florida residents have been going to Internet cafes to play online casinos. As a result, state officials are looking to regulate what the Internet cafes can do.

Some public welfare advocates actually claim that Internet cafe gambling negatively affects poor people and, therefore, should be banned.

It is still not clear how this move will affect mobile casinos in the Sunshine State. From Florida government point of view, it is likely that the sun will not shine over gambling in the state.

This is the opposite direction taken in comparison to New Jersey’s approach.

As the 50 American states pursue their own directions, the online gambling industry needs to follow state and federal law developments. Nothing yet is set in stone.

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