New Zealand Gamblers Prefer to Gamble Online

New Zealand gamblers are discovering online gambling horizons according to the latest market studies

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Gamblers in the land of the Kiwi are more and more keen to take their hard earn cash to online casinos in New Zealand.

Recent market studies reveal that the amount of money previously spent on poker machines has decreased by 24 percent in 2011, gamblers spent around $8 million less in 2011 than a year before.

According to New Zealand gambling news, $32 million was played on poker machines in Northland province during 2010. Fast forward to 2011 and that figure is already only $24.3 million.

A Problem Gambling Foundation counselor, Diane Matthews, had the following comments: “People are getting a bit bored. Internet gambling is way more accessible, but the sad thing about that is all money goes overseas.”

The counselor went on to criticize the current New Zealand gambling laws, which allow online gambling, but prohibit any marketing efforts to promote such activities.

The current rise in online gambling figures in the country is not a direct result of someone’s clever strategy, but a mere reflection of the general industry trend, which can be seen in other countries as well.

Trevor Henry, the Internal Affairs spokesperson, had the following to say about current gambling regulations in New Zealand: “The law says it’s not illegal to gamble over the internet, but it’s illegal to advertise or promote online gambling.” He added that his office currently is not overseeing online gambling in the country.

Many experts agree that it would be easier to track down and help problem gamblers online. The anonymity of gambling via poker machines makes it much more difficult to monitor and control problem gamblers. Online gambling allows easy overseeing and limiting the amount of money players with addiction spend.

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