Online Gambling Platforms Threatened by Serious DDOS Attacks

Hacker, laptop, DDOS attack

Massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks were directed towards European online gambling sites.

Online gambling service providers were attacked with a DDOS during the last week and weekend. The servers of those sites which were hit by the hackers’ assault experienced many difficulties. The attacks were noticeable to the users as well, since they were unable to log in to their accounts and use their services.

Gambling news outlets implicate that the drive behind the attacks was profit via blackmail. This assumption is backed by recent events, which involved some cyber offenders requesting $ 2,200 in bitcoins after they successfully closed-down Betat Casino`s site. Many sources agree that this current situation is the same, or at least similar.

Gambling sites are frequently attacked

Such attacks are not unusual in the gambling industry. Online betting sites are listed amongst the top targets of cyber criminals for obvious reasons. The date chosen for the assault seems logical, since the period around Masters Golf Tournament and the Grand National horse racing event is extremely busy for the bookmakers.

From the many mobile betting providers facing similar circumstances, only Betfair made a semi-official statement about their difficulties. In a tweet, the company declared that their site is under cyber-attack which blocks all the incoming traffic. UK`s legal representatives are not yet certain about the identity of the offender or group of offenders.

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