Online Horse Race Betting Vetoed in Indiana

Indiana Downs racetrack start

Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, refused to give permission for the allowance of horse betting.

US gambling laws are in a questionable state; Indiana Governor Pence decided that he would let the bill on riverboat casinos pass, while pulling up barriers regarding the question of horse betting. From now on, casinos on boats will be able to shift their operations to the mainland. The Governor explained his decision by saying that this way, casinos would not really be expanding, but it is a necessary move for Indiana gambling to stay in the game.

Pence opposes the growth of gambling, but realizes that the economy needs it

Maybe due to an anti money-laundering directive, the Governor of Indiana would not like to see the gambling industry expand. Another bill that he allowed to pass was one which permits the Horse Racing Commission to “use breed development funds to promote the horse racing industry,” and systemizes racing days according to those which where appointed by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission.

Betting on sports in the US, in Indiana, especially advance deposit wagering, will not be sanctioned. Had the Governor not vetoed the bill, citizens would have been able to gamble on horse races that fall outside of the four present off-track betting parlors and two horse-track gaming houses. Governor Pence claimed that allowing this bill to pass would have meant giving up his stance against online gaming platforms.

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