Online Poker Bill is Back Before Californian Legislature

Legalization of online poker is back on the table in California as Senator Rod Wright re-introduces the bill.

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We have already written about Senator Rod Wright’s plans to have another go at online poker in California in our Another Attempt at Legalizing Online Poker in California Approaches article. True to his word, Senator has re-introduced the SB51 bill for Californian Legislature’s consideration next year.

The bill in question can potentially change American gambling laws, allowing intrastate online poker in the state of California, however, it failed during the current session of the Legislature. The SB51 bill met strong opposition from groups interested in the lucrative market alongside tribal takes on the possible legalization.

The online poker in United States bill failed even after a compromise in drafting between Wright and fellow Senator Darren Steinberg. However, Rod Wright has high hopes for the bill for next legislative session.

Industry experts suggest that one of the possible reasons why the SB51 bill could enjoy a smoother path this time around is the dissolution of Californian Online Poker Association, a powerful alliance between Californian card room operators and tribal interests. The organization, presenting the most opposition to the bill, ceased to exist two months ago.

The California Legislature reconvenes during the first week of January, but no hearings have yet been scheduled for the bill. According to American gambling news, despite the urgency status Rod Wright has put on the bill, it won’t be considered until March 2013.

Putting the urgency designation on the bill, ensured that in case the legislation draft gathers two-thirds majority vote, it will be in effect immediately, however the vote is still too far ahead.

The SB51 bears the official title of Internet Gambling Consumer Protection and Public-Private Partnership Act of 2013. Essentially, the bill features the same content as SB1463 bill, proposed by Senator Wright earlier.

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