Paradise Found Bill Approved in Barbuda

Paradise Found Bill

The Barbudian government has accepted the Paradise Found bill despite the objections and protests.

The joint casino-project of Robert De Niro and Australian tycoon James Parker has received the green light from the nation’s government. With the passage of the Paradise Found bill, the $250 million resort was granted incentives, including a 25 year tax holiday. In return, the partners will build a 391-acre beachfront resort with a yacht marina and eco-lodge. However, the plans are met with the opposition of the island’s citizens.

The Paradise Found bill grants a 25 year tax-holiday

During the Paradise Found bill’s debate in the Upper House, hundreds of people protested against the controversial measure. Right after the bill’s approval, Senate Minority Leader Harold Lovell has expressed his concerns. He said that neither Barbudans, nor the Barbuda Council will see any profits or benefits from the bill. We are being told we have to wipe out the opportunity for Barbudans to get their little tax, not even one per cent? Nothing?”

The citizens want more information about the Paradise Found project


Arthur Nibbs, Barbuda Affairs Minister said that once the bill was made into law, they’ll resume the talks with De Niro and his partner. “[…] We will be approaching them in order to be further updated with respect to when work will start, the scope of the work, and the amount of people who will be employed.” A recent poll found that the majority of Barbudans support the project, as they would prefer the development of tourism. On the contrary, the poll showed that citizens want more information about the Paradise Found bill and project. Lowell said that “What the government is doing and the way they are proceeding is wrong,” as now “every other investor could legitimately claim the wish to have some parliamentary force to give them whatever they desire.”

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