PDC World Championship 2021 Betting Odds- van Gerwen Is The Favorite


Posted: February 27, 2020

Updated: February 27, 2020

  • Michael van Gerwen is the favorite of the Unibet sportsbook
  • Can Peter Wright defend his title?
  • The 2021 PDC World Championship odds are shaping up
Image source: Sven Mandel / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

It might seem too early to predict the outcomes of the PDC World Championship 2021 since it has been only over a month since the last championship. However, considering the nature of the professional darts sport, it might be a smart move to start looking at the PDC World Championship 2021 betting odds. 

Professional darts may be one of the most rewarding sports to bet on. Since darts is relatively less demanding than any other sport, the retirement age is much higher.  Because of that, it’s easier to predict the winner of the upcoming competition by analyzing the last games. On top of that, the sport’s biggest enemy- injury appears much scarce in the darts’ field. This lack of any unpredicted obstacles holding back the professional players, the predicted outcome can be pretty accurate.

Champions of each year get to lift the Sid Waddel trophy along with the prize fund of around £400.000

The trophy is named after the famous deceased darts’ commentator Sid Waddel in 2012. Before that, the trophy was called Premier Darts Championship after the name of the association. However, the championship name has been changed since 2015 into William Hill Darts Championship due to sponsorship issues.

The most current champion is Peter Wright. In the history of the PDC since 1994, there have been only 9 champions. Now retired English darts player Phil Taylor has the record of winning the most championships with 16 titles. This just goes on to show that as long as you follow and analyze the season games, predicting the tournament can be simple. As for the upcoming championship, check out the detailed description of the PDC 2021 World Championship betting odds in order to get a more accurate idea about the competitors. All of the odds are from the Unibet sportsbook. Check out the review about Unibet.

Michael van Gerwen has the lowest PDC 2021 World Championship betting odds

The Dutch darts player has a great chance of avenging the last year’s loss from last time in this upcoming competition according to the PDC 2021 World Championship betting odds. Michael van Gerwen is 31 years old Dutch darts player who currently has the first rank in the list of professional darts players. He has won the PDC in 2014, 2017 and most recently in 2019. Just the fact that he’s the most successful darts’ player only after the legendary Phil Taylor is saying something.

pdc world championship 2021 betting odds
Michael van Gerwen – Image source: Sven Mandel / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

He has a 13/8 PDC World Championship 2021 betting odds of winning the title according to the Unibet sportsbook. He was a top seed in the last tournament and has easily reached the finals. However, he has lost to Peter Wright by 7-3 in the finals and has lost the championship. He has appeared in the World Championship finals 22 times and has won 15 titles. Looking at his form in the season games including the Players’ Championship, it’s only a matter of time until he adds one more trophy to the array.

Can the last year’s champion defend his title?

Peter Wright, now reaching almost 50, has won his first-ever championship in 2020. With spiky colorful hair and silly pants, he was usually ignored by the darts’ community. His great competitor van Gerwen has even called him a “clown” once. Even though he has appeared in the world series’ finals numerous times, he has almost always lost to Michael van Gerwen. Considering this, his win over him in one of the most important international darts’ games’ final was much of a shock for the watchers.

He has a PDC World Championship 2021 betting odds of 11/2 at the Unibet Sportsbook, making him the second most likely player to win the title. Similarly, he’s now standing at second place in the world ranking of the darts players. Despite his impressive records, the wagers are still not that confident in him. He was born in 1970, which makes him 50 this year. Even though the darts game is relatively less physically demanding, 50 is still not the peak age for any sports.

Gerwyn Price is another favorite of the PDC World Championship 2021 betting odds

pdc world championship 2021 betting odds
Gerwyn Price – Image source: Dartsfan1234 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Despite several scandals and fuss of the last year, Gerwyn Price is standing at third in the PDC World Championship 2021 betting odds’ favorites. He has received a fine of £20.000 last year for his inappropriate behavior during the semi-finals game. Ever since he has entered the professional darts, he was not a favorite of the fans. Before starting his career in the darts, he was training as a rugby player.

Even though he’s comparably late to the darts’ world he has already been in the PDC major finals 5 times. He has participated in the world championship only twice, coming at the tenth and fifth place respectively. He is yet to win the Sid Waddel Cup. Despite these not so promising features of him, he has proved himself worthy of the 7/1 betting odds of winning the PDC World Championship 2021.

Gary Anderson is at the top four favorites of the betting odds

The Scottish darts player has a 12/1 PDC World Championship 2021 betting odds of lifting the Sid Waddel Cup. Compared to his current competitors, who are standing at the top spots of the world rankings it’s safe to say that his career is going down. He used to have the first rank when he won the world championship titles in 2015 and 2016 consecutively.

He was born in 1970 and reaching 50 this year. As with the same case of Peter Wright, online sportsbooks in the UK are predicting that the peak years of his career seems to be nearing the end. He has been playing darts since 1996 and has been in the world series numerous times. Fans have given him a nickname “The Flying Scotsman” to honor his tendency to score heavy points in one game.

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